Fishing for burbot in November

November is just that month when you can go fishing for burbot purposefully, because this time he is most active and readily takes almost any bait. However, many novice anglers «burned» considering fishing for burbot in November a trifling matter, do not require special knowledge and skills. Despite the great fishing activity, angler, everything must be properly chosen and prepared, starting with the choice of fishing selection of gear. The success of catching burbot in November in the first place depends on the right place. In the late autumn of this predator chooses places with a sufficient amount of feed. As a rule, his attention is attracted to night Parking of small fish. By nightfall the little thing moved closer to streams with low flow, in stagnant ponds it is usually held near the coastal edge. With decreasing water temperature burbot moved into the coastal area, leaving the track, pits and snags. In reservoirs with a rapid current, he chooses places with little «return». Not like burbot phase reservoirs, the floor is covered in mud or thick vegetation. Find places where fishing of burbot in November will be the most productive, it is possible only by trial and error. The angler should throw gear at different distances from the shore and at different depths. In what place will bite there in the future and need to install the gear. If the place is found, then fishing it is possible to spend each year. Fishing for burbot, usually occurs after sunset, however, peck at the fish and before dawn, which for him is not typical.

From gear for catching burbot in November is perfectly normal donkey. This made at least 5 donok with a sliding sinker and a fishing line 0.3 mm. Hooks is better to take a single No. 1 with a lead of 0.25 mm in diameter. Double and triple hooks for such fishing is impractical, as the fish takes the bait always very deep, and in the future to remove it with a triple hook will be extremely problematic.

The burbot bite is almost imperceptible. They resemble a weak poticu. But when playing the fish starts to behave quite quickly, fighting for life.

The best bait for catching burbot in November is the bait. The best alive is always considered ruffs and gudgeons, as they and the burbot are benthic lifestyle, and thus do not cause the predator special alertness. In addition to live bait you can use a little geared hook behind the rear foot. Thanks to this simple acceptance of the frog can long time to keep a good activity. Often as a nozzle is used of worms, but in this case, you will have to look very carefully at tackle, because your catch can easily become another predator, the bite of which is much stronger.

Bite burbot in November and often continues throughout the night with small intervals. To calculate this predator with the help of sonar is almost impossible, because the fish prefers to navigate along the bottom with long pauses. Only using sonar is that it can be used to study the bottom topography of the selected body of water is also important. To catch burbot is possible until the ice. After that, the bite is much weaker, in connection with the preparation for the spawning fish.

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