Fishing for burbot in March

The only freshwater fish genus cod is burbot. He looks a bit like a young catfish, even though catfish is not used. This predator, which, at night, preys on small fish and shellfish, and also eats carrion. Burbot is a very peculiar fish with acute eyesight. It feels very good and all around sees. For the month of February, in the period after spawning, burbot is caught bad. In March, he again takes action. At this time he starts biting posledeistvie.

For successful fishing it is necessary to determine the correct area for fishing. After spawning, burbot resumed their favorite places. He loves a bottom with holes, snags and stones, the coastal holes, and submerged trees. Burbot fish gutta-percha, and it may lie between the rocks and driftwood that he’ll never find. For catching important factor is the presence of oxygen. Nalim loves cold and fresh water. Waters with slow current and cool water is the best fishing spots. Smooth on the bottom for burbot is possible not to look. In the same way as you should not try to feed him. All these bait not for him.

Fishing for burbot, usually at night. This time he goes hunting. The most successful bite, the observations of fishermen, is celebrated in the rainy cold nights from 4 a.m. until dawn. So March is the perfect month for successful fishing for burbot. With the onset of heat it becomes sluggish, and in the hot summer months, burbot generally begins a period of hibernation.

Usually full of fishing lasts at least three days. The first day of the need to catch live bait. Second day well spent to survey the area and find a place for fishing. The third night you can go hunting.

You need to use a long fishing rod with sturdy fishing line with a diameter of 0.4 mm, that it can withstand loads up to 6 pounds. The length of the line is 15 meters. You also need a heavy sinker and a single or double hooks from No. 1 to No. 6 (tees junk). The rod is fixed on the shore. At this time the fish is kept near the shore, so fishing is always performed from the shore. You can use up to 10 of the bottom rods. To arrange the fishing rods need each other for a few meters, so they are not confused. Do it before dark. Can be attached to a ground rod bell. This will help in the dark to hear the bite.

As bait live fish is the best delicacy for burbot. You can take the brush, roach or gudgeon. In the second place a dead fish. As well as a worm, frog or meat shells.

The sinker is lowered to the bottom and do supply of fishing line to one and a half meters. As soon as darkness falls, burbot goes hunting. He grabs everything he sees. It is best to use visible great white trolling with planted fish, which must lie at the bottom. Below burbot are sucked in the bait together with the catch and sinker, the distance from the hook to the sinkers should be left up to 5 cm

To strike burbot is not necessary. He swallows the bait deeply and this undermines himself. If fish swallow the bait, then he is already off the hook will not go away. Therefore often used passive fishing. Tackles are placed in the evening and in the morning going to catch with hooks.

The burbot bite is very weak, as it swallows the bait very cautiously. It is possible to determine the weak movement of the nod. After the fish swallowed its prey, he goes with her in stone. It must be time to get him to confused gear. Burbot virtually no resists and it’s easy to pull out. But it’s good to have the net, which you can use to catch a predator. It is very slippery and difficult to hold in hands.

Always take a supply of leashes. If the fish swallowed the nozzle so deep that I can’t reach it, it is not necessary to pull out of the mouth hook. Better to put on a new one.

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