Fishing for burbot in January

January — not very promising month for winter fishing. That is considered to be from a sporting point of view. Such fish as burbot, this is not true because this month we have part of the spawn, and this means that spawned individuals need to actively feed. This fish is also the individual that in the summer she comes in a dream. In view of these factors, catches of burbot in January is considered the most productive. This fish belongs to the order trnkobrani. The place of its habitat are freshwater. Especially the fish love the cold, frosty water, enriched with oxygen. You can find instances size of five feet and have the weight more than thirty pounds. To the dismay of fishermen, fish of this size caught rarely. More common burbot length is eighty inches, weighing two to three kilograms. The coloration of this fish is found diverse. Most often its dorsal part has a greenish color with dark spots.

The most important to choose the right place for catching burbot in January. It is best to choose rocky or sandy bottom. To navigate, you need to go with a pole on the ice and feel the bottom of the hole. As soon as he will go down on the rocks, there must be. Depth it is advisable to choose from about thirty centimeters to about three meters.

There are many ways in which to effectively catching burbot in January. One of them is fishing with imitation fish. You must probablity a few holes and install the imitation fish with bait, after which the test gear. There is also known a method of fishing on the «ring» or «the Squealer». You can also use the spinner, dual spinner and the Finnish «noisy» burbot lure.

Fishing for burbot in January trolling has become very popular in recent years. To use the spinner you need bright colors, which is better seen in the water. The spinner makes noise when hitting the bottom, which attracts the predator. Some anglers for best results, attach at the top of the crown spinner ring. This massive additional snag creates a strong knock when falling to the bottom. Also common float rod for winter version of fishing and a rod with a jig. Known methods such as fishing with seines and subglaciers, donok and «butting». Because of the spawning, i.e. an active lifestyle during this period, burbot becomes greedy for food. So ready to grab as the nozzle and the bait. To attract burbot can such animal products as waste skolobanova production, bovine blood, patuha liver, chunks of meat and viscera of poultry. You can use large pieces of fish — perch, roach. The ruff is for burbot, a delicacy and the dish number one. Sleeping live bait is the perfect bait. Definitely need to take fishing earthworms, although at this time of year they are hard to get. A good bait is the meat of the minnow, which cut off the head, attach the trunk with the tail.

To prevent catching burbot in January can become cancers. Bait intended for fish, are suffering from their claws. In this case, you should try to prevent. Side to organize a large property and place it in samoylovka for cancers or delivered with chunks of spoiled meat. This will lead them away from your workpiece for burbot. Cancers will be a nice variety for your fishing. If the ice is not covered with snow, it is necessary to sprinkle the inner hole. Loose snow will serve as a good insulator and will keep the hole much to freeze. If it is blowing snow, you must make your hole any identification mark. This will help to better navigate and not lose their gear and catch. The frosty winds of winter, the January Blizzard and the snowstorms are not the most comfortable conditions for fishermen. But we must not forget that such weather conditions attracting fish, they are worse than the better bite. It turns out that the most assiduous fishermen need luck.

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