Fishing for burbot in February

Burbot is a kind of fish our waters. It differs from other types by their behavior and unusual preferences. First, the burbot spawn in winter, and secondly, what nenastnoy and Moroney on the street, the better she feels. So we can safely say that fishing for burbot in February gluhozime does not exist. This fish inhabits not only rivers but also in lakes, preferring to stay in stony placers and ridges, near the underwater keys. In rivers it chooses areas with pebbly or sandy bottom. In search of food, this fish can «walk» around the pond, not adhering to some particular territories. There were such cases that in one night, the fishermen in one place pulled up to a dozen good burbot.

Fishing for burbot in February as at any other time, happens mostly at night. Moreover, his appetite is directly dependent on the weather. The lower the temperature of the water and the darker the night, the higher the activity of burbot. The most active biting of this fish is observed in the intervals from 21 to 24 and from 3 to 5 hours. Much less biting burbot during daylight hours even in cloudy weather.

Experienced fishermen claim that fishing for burbot in February can be performed on a variety of baits. The main condition – the game must simulate the behavior of the fry. It can be spinners, balancers or spinners. But the best way to catch burbot at this time on bait fish (perch or minnows). These fish like burbot bottom its way of life. In addition, well-proven nozzle such animals as worms, bloodworms, pieces of meat or fish.

The fishing-rod for catching burbot in February, you can use any. The main condition – it should be as durable. It is better to take the line to 0.4 mm thick, because often after a take the fish gets into some shelter, where it is necessary to pull out. When fishing the bait should be kept in the hands or to fix well, as the burbot is easy to drag under the ice. February catch of burbot can be accomplished in various ways, but the main remain vertical jigging, jig and snastochki.

For trolling we use lightweight, but broad enough spinners to during the game, they went in the direction of not less than 35 cm property of the spinner is particularly important for fishing on rivers. When fishing for burbot in February on a spoon you need to use a little trick. The body need to attach a small podleski. When the nozzle creates a noise from the spinners and podlasov that attracts night predator. The jig can put a piece of meat for flavor.

Fishing for burbot in February mormexico tackle also gives good results. It is better to use spinners to the average and the hook further spread of the worm or Motyl. Play the jig in two ways: slowly, without lifting from the bottom shake from side to side or evenly to raise and release.

Imitation fish can be used as purchased, and home-made, or «postawski». They are small sturdy plank with fishing line. The length of the line should not be greater than the depth of the reservoir. Because burbot is a bottom fish, then setting the «Postavsky» or imitation fish, need sinker to hold the bait on the bottom. Fishing on imitation fish is better to use live bait or a piece of meat, but only fresh. You need to check them 2-3 times a day.

Fishing snastochki helps fans February catching burbot, and effectiveness of the fishing is sometimes higher than the fishing lure or jig. To plant bait for snastochki it in such a way that its tail section was free from the hook. Hooks is better to use 10-12 rooms. To catch such tackle is very simple. Impaled bait is lowered to the bottom, and begin gently led from side to side, twitching a little.

Burbot are biting very strongly, but not sharply. Catching the bait, it draws it into itself, and so often bite you cannot feel it. Burbot very worthy and cunning opponent for any angler. When you first bite it is quiet and not jerks, one gets the impression that the rope caught on a snag.

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