Fishing for burbot in December

Winter is the perfect time to hunt for burbot. And the greatest interest is represented exactly fishing for burbot in December. During this period, the fish starts spawning in front of which she is particularly active feeds. In the early winter burbot begins to fatten. This is a very unique and interesting fish which differs in its behavior from the behavior of all other species of fish. Where burbot is held in December? It prefers hard rocky bottom. Well, if there is a source or place of meeting of two currents. But the bottom, covered with thick layer of silt, burbot tries to avoid because it would be hard to carry oxygen-poor environment. Fishing for burbot in December, especially during the Jora will be successful in the shallow areas of the reservoir with the coast slopes that predoslovie sites with a depth not more than 3 meters. However, you should begin the spawning season, as biting is almost completely stopped. Active will be only small specimens that have not reached sexual maturity.

Fishing for burbot in December, usually occurs at night that is connected with certain inconveniences for fishing. In addition, fish does not like particularly chilly and rainy night. Using that just does not have to go fishing for the sake of the coveted catch!

What gear to use? For catching burbot in December will need a durable and reliable fishing rod, with which you can easily handle even large instances. The line is desirable to have thicker, with a diameter of 0.4 mm. Definitely need to take a leash because if even a little delay with hooking the fish quickly takes the offered bait, and pull it will be very difficult. Hooks also better to take more, №№ 12-14. Additional sinkers bet – spinner will be enough.

While trolling, once the pond is installed the first ice, experienced fishermen prefer to use a silver spoon of medium size that are best suited for catching burbot in December. The only thing to add is to impose on tees fish pieces (brush or bleak).

The technique of playing a spinner when fishing for burbot in December is as follows. After selecting the seats and drilled the hole you need to drop the lure, preferably to the bottom, and start jigging. This process is to smooth the game bait. No less success can bring a smooth motion from top to bottom and diagonally. Over-complicate this game does not need, as this always has a negative impact on the response of burbot. It should raise the spoon above 50 cm from the bottom. It is noticed that the most successful burbot bites occurs at a distance of 10-30 cm from the bottom.

While trolling in places with a number of large stones of good results in the beginning of winter brings the usual tapping of the spoon on the rocks. It is not known, than it attracts burbot, but the reset of the spinner from a stone or hitting a large stone often over a good bite.

Fishing for burbot in December is a very interesting exercise, especially if it is a trolling. When fishing the jig bite is expressed in a strong and sharp jerks of the line. Cuttings need to make strong and sweeping. After successfully hooking fish first time almost does not resist. It is not less, can not relax, because close to the hole the fish will begin to fight for salvation. At this time, the main thing to be able to keep the line, not allowing burbot to go in depth. Especially heavy in the derivation of the latter away because the burbot has great power, starts to spin, not allowing to let myself down to the hole. In this case, I just love bagorik that without much effort, if successful, hooks, will help to pull the trophy out of the hole.

No matter what difficulties not encountered a fisherman while fishing of burbot in December, they kompensiruet a lot of fun with this challenging but very interesting fishing.

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