Fishing for burbot in April

In April spring is in full swing begins to come into its own. The days are getting longer and warmer. Porous remnants of snow piles here and there remind of the last frost. Ice is almost gone and gradually warmed the water beckons fishermen on a long-awaited catch burbot in April. Because the fishing in early spring is fun – not boring pesky insects, still there is no algae in the waters and hungry fish itself is almost pounces on any proposed him the bait.

Determination of place of provision of burbot in April – is an art. Night frosts are now business as usual. So you need to know is the fact that at this time, the fish usually hides in the deepest places of ponds. At the same shallows with an abundance of small fish close to be sure. It was in the time of burbot from the pit to hunt the most successful in order to catch this prey. As if it was not cold in the shallows, «hunger is not my aunt» pull the fish to the surface to eat.

Experienced fishermen have long observed that for high water predator is much more common and more likely along the flooded line. That is why the bait you should try to keep on the line or a little deeper. Remember that burbot tries to avoid last year’s grass, and so luring him on the flooded meadows will never bring the angler the most coveted trophies.

The most effective method of fishing for burbot in April, of course, is live bait fishing. Different things of roach, white bream, bleak can be caught in the selected reservoir. Bait size should be no more than 10 cm but not less than 5 cm This bait burbot are easily noticed and quickly swallow. The bait definitely need to throw a little deeper than half depth, and a little further. Especially if the weather is windless. Nozzle, gradually moving in your direction, is to lure burbot from the depths closer to the surface of the water. There is, most likely, it will do the trick.

When fishing for burbot in April on dead fish or pieces of fish to hide the sting of the hook the bait is not necessary. On the contrary, or at the time of receiving the sting might not hooking the fish. Better if it is slightly protruding.

Important stuff that may be an honest mistake, it’s too much fishing line. Often emotions pleasure from fishing, fishermen forget to remove it. It is important at the moment of take.

Fishing for burbot in April on live bait is not the only option. You can use various silicone and other artificial lures for fishing on spinning. It can be spinners, twisters, vibrohvosta. Interesting detail – a predator waiting for its prey at the border of the deep pit. Remember this feature when you to lure burbot.

Given that in this period the flood waters abound with a variety of natural food, burbot becomes very picky with food. Therefore, for greater efficiency of fishing is better to use as bait is live bait. But for fishing on the Donk it is possible to use the normal worm. And you can combine baits: single hook-stick bait (or dead fish), and the second – a bunch of worms. This is necessary in order to a trifle, floating in the place of fishing, eating the worm, do not touch the live bait.

If a small flood or water quickly goes, the situation is quite different. Burbot do not have time to feast and back to the river to fully satisfy hunger, that is, continues to fatten. And then for catching burbot in April will fit any bait – predator is not particularly finger picking. And besides, in search of prey burbot actively crisscrossing the water that the fishermen practically do not need to make efforts to search for it. Production itself finds you. And though the spring fishing for burbot is usually less effective than in the fall, and bite its not as frequent, the fishing often brings a lot of unforgettable experiences.

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