Fishing for bullhead in the spring ( April and may) — continued

Continue my story about love IDE spring (the beginning).

In large rivers IDE spawns in shallow, well-warmed bays, in flooded floodplain meadows, among thickets from the capsule, at a water temperature of 6…9 C and warm Sunny weather. With a sharp cold, as in small rivers, spawning is strongly stretched. April and may for spawning IDE rather conditional. For example, in small tributaries of the don I had to catch IDE even at the end of March. But again, it was a very early warm spring, and the water temperature was not less than 6 Seconds.

In the Northern regions, in cold and protracted spring, IDE, in some cases, can even spawn in the middle of June. As a rule, it in this weather is not together, and said to the fisherman, — «trickling».

Tackle and methods of fishing. Very often, the gear used when fishing for IDE during the spawning — float rod. Because bullhead is a strong fish, it is best if the rod is of medium hardness, the so-called procedure of «Media». Reel spinning, fishing line from monofilament diameter of 0.3 mm. For catching roaches and fit more slim — 0.2 mm. Respectively are selected and leashes: for large IDE (weighing over 1kg)— 0.2 mm, and the roaches—0,14 — 0,17 mm is fine and the «twist». In this case, its diameter must be 0.1 mm. the Float is typical for fishing in running water (see figure «Float for fishing on the course.

Ogruzka by a few pellets, the weight of which decreases in direction to the hook (see figure «Ogruzka float for fishing on the course» ).

The number depend on the nozzle and the magnitude of catches of fish. For large nozzles required a corresponding number of hooks — No. 6— 8 and small — No. 4 — 5. When properly hollow or filled with the float above the water should rise only a small part of the antenna length of 2 — 3 cm.

During the move to spawning sites in small rivers IDE goes on the fairway near the bottom. With this in mind, set the depth. It should be 30 — 50 cm more than the place of fishing. In this case, the nozzle attractive is dragging the bottom.

Possible hooks in small places prevent a delay of the float. When conducted properly, the nozzle should move in front of the float, but not to break away from the bottom. Often you can see the cut line is located above the float, or located on the water, or describes a considerable arc. And the first and second embodiments of wrong wiring: in this case, it is impossible to carry out the full cutting. The segment of line above the float should only be in the air and give minimal arch.

This problem can be solved in several ways: first, it is not necessary to seek very far casts; secondly, in the rivers of the Northern hemisphere due to the Earth’s magnetic field, near the right Bank is usually always deeper. And IDE, and bream, moving in deep places. Therefore, in the small rivers at the first opportunity try to catch it from the right Bank. If you catch not at the site of spawning, and above, it is necessary to choose the right place. Smooth, with monotonous topography of the area is of least interest. Try to find such sites: deep omucki with reverse or windmill crooked umbrella over, below fallen trees, in front of the threshold, sticking out of the water piles below the bridge piers, dams and the like, that is where the fish inevitably delayed.

Ideally, the correct wiring can be done in small shallow rivers when fishing szabadka (see figure «wiring Diagram float gear on the course»). The same can be said about fishing the lakes from a boat on rivers with width more than 40— 50 m. At the end of the transaction when the nozzle is lifted from the bottom, you should always make a soft cutting, since the IDE often takes her at this moment.

When fishing IDE a very good effect gives a red or white moving bead, set over a leash, especially when using dark attachments, merge with the background of the bottom. The content of the beads that she attracts the attention of fish, causing at the same time «irritating» effect (a potential threat to offspring). And then, just the IDE and the mouth-watering nozzle.

The second type of gear that deserve serious attention, bottom fishing rods, namely, «quivertip». When fishing for bottom gear can compete with a float rod.

The benefits and they are many:

• dramatically reduced the number of hooks;

• there is an opportunity to sh in distant and difficult places;

• tackle not so tiring when fishing on the course: it is not necessary to make constant accusations;

• allows, through the trough, a more precise use of bait.

But, as always, it has its drawbacks:

• a strong current, it is necessary to use heavy feeders or sinkers, which reduces the efficiency of cuttings;

• when fishing at shallow areas, when casting, there is always a significant spike that may discourage careful IDE. Options bottom snap-in that is used in the spring when fishing on the course, as follows (see figure «Options Donna snap used in fishing for bullhead in the spring in small rivers»).

One of the significant advantages of the bottom gear is that it allows you to sh from the shore removed productieve areas. I remember one recent case.

In early may I got on a small river Kopanets that flows into the mighty Vuoksi. It was a still, Sunny weather. The snow almost gone, and only the shady ravines remnants of his whitened friable, porous spots. The land has thawed, breathing; birch buds are swollen, it seemed, one moment, and the woods flecked with emerald haze of blossoming leaves.

Summer Kopanec becomes almost a stream of width 4 — 5 m, but now melt water filled the river, it overflowed, forming a deep omucki.

…Float, over and over again, runs a short stretch. Nothing. Change the nozzle to no avail. Before noon the air became cold. The dark veil of clouds covered the sky. Went sparse snow; large snowflakes lazily fell to the warm ground and immediately melted. So here’s the thing — ides felt a change in the weather down the river, I went to the Vuoksi. Criticisms of 15 — 20 m from the shore failed.

Adjusting tackle and stuffed the bird feeder imiami mixed with boiled barley, I’ve done long-distance casting… the Snow had stopped. In the gaps among the clouds the sun came out.

…Trembled a little the tip of the rod, and then dived down. Immediately picked up the rod did the cutting! Gently sloping beach, clean, and problems were not. As a result, my trophy was the pound of yaz! All in all, for a couple of hours had caught four fish that together weighed 5 kg 300 g.

Later I mentally imagined the picture of the day: in the morning, warm weather, and the IDE is on a four-foot depth at the mouth of Copanca; in the river is not — feels the change in the weather; then, the cold — IDE moves a little deeper; a float rod I don’t «get it», but was rescued by bottom gear.

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