Fishing for bullhead in December

In December, the IDE catches the bait fishers, usually accidentally. Most often it is drawn on the ice in the process of catching roach or perch. Few people can catch in one day multiple instances of the IDE. This can be explained by the fact that this fish is very cautious, and she lives mainly in small flocks. Many adults prefer to spend the winter alone near snags, due to which fishing for bullhead in December and turns out to be so random. Search this fish should start in the wintering grounds of roach, perch or bream. However, IDE is always a bit higher than other fish. On this basis, to play the bait needs throughout the water column and not just in one bottom layer. Fishing for bullhead in December can last the whole day. He can be caught at night along with a bream. But the «fish» the fishing is considered early in the morning (8 to 11) and evening (from 17 until nightfall). The best bite IDE is observed on the first ice. Catch it during severe frosts almost impossible.

Before selecting tackle for fishing the lakes in December, remember that this fish is very strong and resourceful. So winter fishing rod, you need to take the most robust and expensive fishing line, which usually will be of higher quality and durable. The hook will fit the # 5, although its size will depend on the selected reservoir. In large ponds, which are home to trophy fish IDE is better to put the bigger hook. And in small lakes, where large IDE doesn’t even happen, it pays to put the smaller ones.

Successful fishing for bullhead in December depends on the well-matched attachments. The most efficient of them are:

— jig-bizmathica. The fisherman, who managed to get hand on this head, often see roaches in your fishing box;

— a small spoon. Like the one who catch perch (up to 2.8 cm in length and width up to 0,8 cm);

the see — saw. IDE, however, it rarely happens, but you can try;

— jig. This is the most effective bait for catching bullhead in December. They discuss in more detail.

At the beginning of winter IDE good bite on «ant» and «the devil». For more ulovistost on the hook you can wear the beads or sleeve. Sometimes use several different colors kembrikom. As the nozzle is perfect, the worm, the moth, the beetle, etc. In December, the IDE prefers animals heads, but in the short periods of thaw can also an appetite to take the dough semolina or plain talker.

In December, the roaches become very cranky, often refusing even the most delicious of baits. Therefore, the prolonged absence of the biting you have to use a bait. Often you can catch a bullhead for bait is small live fish – bleak, roach, fry carp, verkhovka.

To attract fish should take care of the bait wells. The simplest and most effective is a recipe consisting of feed bloodworms and regular breadcrumbs. Part of the moth to be crushed to smell rather extended body of water, attracting flocks of IDE. The flavors in this period is better not to use, so as not to scare the fish.

Catch IDE in December, and kukoboy float rod. The movement of the spinner should resemble the same game as when fishing for perch. As a rule, IDE has swallowed the hook really deep, especially for small roaches. So sweeps problems usually arise. Pull out the ice small IDE quite easily, because he has virtually no strong resistance. With adult fish have to fight. First, you need to tire, slowly summing up to the hole and skillfully quenching her jumps. Moreover, the fishing line when fighting the fish should always be kept taut. In a few minutes a fierce fight, the IDE gets tired. To sum up to the hole and pull on the ice tired the fish now becomes a lot easier.

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