Fishing for bullhead in August

IDE is a schooling fish. Therefore, in places where it is too much, you can use spinning. Most often fishing for bullhead in August goes with catching other fish. The techniques and tackle for fishing is not much different from the techniques and tackle for catching Chub. Hooking IDE is not necessarily due to his sharp acumen. The best lure for catching IDE – Spinner to 1.5 cm in length or spinner used to fish for Chub, Nickel-plated or yellow, with a matching tee. At the end of summer on the banks of ponds there is a lot of insects: dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers. The latter are the main nozzle for fishing Yazev. It is best to take grasshoppers of average size, to produce which is easy enough. As for the colors, the fish better bite on gray with colored stripes on the abdomen.

Fishing for bullhead in August occurs on a float or on piratage, as well as using summer jig. Selecting the float rod, the equipment can be rented the same as for fishing in the early summer, however, a sinker is best to put a much smaller size. Floats must be soft, in shades of gray. The descent is not less than 1.5 m. With this method of fishing is expected to plan and slowly lower the nozzle (grasshopper) in the water column. You can also use a variety of bait that bites will occur more often. Catching IDE is best for a border of lilies and reeds, or in the open areas to a depth of at least 1.5-2 m. to Catch fish much deeper than just pointless, because the fish that swims in the upper layers of water, says angler and is excited to go in depth.

Productively all fishing for bullhead in August is warm, Sunny weather with weak wind, which causes small ripples on the surface of the water. This allows the angler to disguise not much to reduce the suspicion of fish to the nozzle. Variable cloud bites mostly occur when the appearance of the sun. During biting, the float begins to shift to the side. Thus as the nozzle you can take a regular earthworm. Fishing on peretyag quite interesting, but is used very rarely, as most anglers are just not familiar with this method.

Land for fishing the lakes in August, it is advisable to choose clean, since the presence of algae can greatly complicate fishing. To catch summer fishing on mormyshka it is best near the shore with a steep slope, at a depth not over 1 meter. As a nozzle it is possible to take a grasshopper or worm. Ideal light pole not less than 2.5-3 m in length. Moreover, the length of the line, as a rule, should not be greater than the length of the rod, and the jig is better to take a little more than for winter fishing. On top of the rod is installed nod with a length of about 10 cm At its end is fixed with bright stripes, through which bite will be much better noticeable. Summer fishing on mormyshka quite active, as in search of fish the angler need to move along the shore. Instead of lures some anglers often use small jigs gray or yellow flowers, sometimes you meet a decent fish weighing about 1.5 kg. And catch IDE in August, by any of the methods can be carried out not only from shore but from a boat.

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