Fishing for bream in the autumn

Bream is considered a desirable production of each fisherman. The hook fishermen are often caught skimmers weighing up to 0.6 kg and bream to 1.5 kg, but sometimes you can meet a real giant, who weighs 5 kg and more. This fish likes deep rivers with slow current and well-warmed water. She prefers to stay in the pits with muddy bottoms far from shore, and near aquatic vegetation. Bream does not like rocky bottom, and tries to stay away from him.

The food of bream are very diverse. It eats aquatic insects, bloodworms, which can easily be extracted from the soil, worms, larvae, aquatic vegetation, etc.

Fishing for bream in the autumn, is a real pleasure. After a hot summer it becomes much more actively and confidently takes the bait. Most often, the bream fishing in the fall brings good results for anglers.

Due to the fact that the bream do not like to look for food, leaving large distances, and prefers to find her near his place of permanent residence, its location is easy to calculate for peculiar behavior. He shows his head out of the water, then you see the top fin, then the tail, which it hits the water and goes into depth.

For successful catching bream in the autumn, it is desirable to use bait. And in some cases is necessary. With the help of bait (well-matched in composition) , not only to keep the bream, but to bring him to the place of fishing.

You can prepare the bait of the following components:


  • semolina – 200 g;
  • millet -400 g;
  • breadcrumbs – 500 g;
  • meal – 200 g;
  • little maggot;
  • bloodworms (chopped worms)

To catch bream in the autumn, a variety of ways. But the most effective are fishing from the boat on the ring, and from the shore – at the feeder with the feeder. Fishing the ring is a very common and popular type of fishing. You should focus your attention on the fact that for this kind of fishing it is desirable to use an inflatable rubber boat. From her much less noise than wood or metal. All the action takes place under the boat and the extra noise it will only scare the fish. The boat must be across the current and attach it to one point with two reliable anchors. It should stand steadily on the current, and not to succumb to the wind. An important role in this plays and trough that you lower with a rope on the river bottom, under the boat, and the second end of a rope tied to the boat. The feeder is a mesh bag of small size. The mesh in this bag should be small, for what would be in it, the bait was washed out slowly. At the bottom of the trough should be put cargo that will keep her in one place. For catching on the ring, the rod is not large. It is equiped with fishing line 0.3 mm, which is the ring. A ring is round in cross-section a piece of lead bent into the form of a ring, whose ends are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. On the side of the joint, the ring has a small hole in the size 2 – 3 mm in which the fishing line is skipped. At the end of the fishing line tied to the factory ring, which is another segment of the line. This segment is tied to leashes with a diameter of 0.22 mm with hooks № 5-7. As bait, the most commonly used foam in white, yellow or green in color, maggots and worm.

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