Fishing for bream in may

The end of a long winter always brings joy to all fishermen and Amateurs, because in the spring and summer season opens on catching many species of fish. There is also the bream fishing in may. Before going to spawn, this fish is going in the pack and the activity of its forage is greatly increased.

May the bream fishing and its features. Usually the ice disappears from the surface waters until the end of April, if spring is not protracted. In may, the water becomes more transparent, its temperature increases, making the fish more active in search of food.

Schools of bream during spawning closer to shore waters where the water is warmer and food more. Bream — fish shy and fishermen is important to know that even a slight noise near the pond is able to scare off a flock and good fishing will not happen. In may, the bream are biting particularly well.

Favorite habitats of bream in late spring.

By the time you start spawning, breams feed on various insect larvae, worms, which are abundant in bays with an abundance of aquatic plants. The mouth of the rivers is a favorite habitat of this fish, if it spawns in the river. If the river is high the fish are often collected near the dam or around the pits. Spawning of this fish can last a long period of time: first spawn small instances, and then, and large individual. Weather has a significant impact on the duration of the spawning season.

Tackles for catching bream in may.

During this period bream caught on a fishing rod, equipped with floats or bottom fishing — feeder. Ideal for catching of this fish the rod with a length of 6-7 meters, which is equipped with coils of fishing line, whose diameter does not exceed 0, 27 mm. A leash made from a thin fishing line from (0, 2 mm). Often the fishermen to track the depth habitat of fish make another leash, is located above the sinkers. Hooks need to choose a thin and not very large, so it was possible to impose a soft bait.

Bottom fishing is used when the bream is removed from the shore in deeper places, in preparation for the spawn. To tackle the fishermen often catch large trophy bream. The feeder is good because it is very convenient to fish when the waves are large and the wind strong. The rod length should be 3 metres, the line diameter of 0, 25 mm, and the leash length of no less than 20-50 centimeters in the diameter of the line 0, 16 millimeters.

Bait bream.

You can easily make yourself or buy in the store box for bait in the form of a pyramid or rectangle of metal mesh. The grid cells can be done smaller, if the composition of bait include bloodworms or maggots.

When fishing for bream in may in a permanent place the lure is of great importance. You can buy in the store ready on the bait and then mix it with porridge made out of oatmeal, pearl barley, or peas. If you catch a worm in groundbait, add finely chopped worms. For when you can apply clay mixed with sand. You can also mix store-bought, add crushed crackers, corn cereals. Well, after immersing the bait in water forms a suspension. This can be achieved if you add a few tablespoons of cocoa to the mix for bait bream. Shoals of bream are going well on the bait with a sweet aroma and can therefore be used for all sorts of supplements and essences of fruit.

Places for catching bream in may.

If you intend to fish for bream in may, choose those sections of rivers where the bottom is rocky or covered with clay. With regard to the depth of fishing, it may exceed 1 meter. In the shallows, covered with shells, is often a lot of fish, and your fishing experience will be always good.

Bream like to feed near snags or rocks, and large breams become the prey of anglers when fishing on the sandy shallows, where the depth does not exceed half a meter.

On the may tips for catching bream.

In may, the bream are biting well, if the bait used bloodworms, maggots, or small worms. Well suited for this purpose and a period. Can one hook to stick just two small worms. At the end of may, when the water gets warmer, bream take the bait, such as boiled barley, peas, boiled or canned corn and bait dough, flavored anise drops or cinnamon extract.

Now, knowing about the features of fishing bream in may, you will not be without the luxury of the catch.

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