Fishing for bream in March

In March the ice begins to flow melt the water, and the skimmers, leave the deep places of lakes and reservoirs and move on to more oxygen-rich water. Fresh jets increases the metabolic process in fish, and they actively move in search of food. Therefore, the most promising place for catching bream in March, will be a place where there is good forage base. Skimmers come in two types — silver and bronze. Of most interest is the bronze. Silver bream is also called the white bream, but its range is very limited. The bream body strongly flattened laterally, and due to this also known as «odoratum». Young fish with age, changes color, darkens, becomes bronze scales.

Schools of bream like to go into the bays where the water is refreshed, its tributaries, and at the bottom there is a solid platform. In spring the bream keeps on petrukovich areas at depths less than 4 meters. And if the channel comes close to shore, the snags, the fish are there for sure. Often in this place the bream takes a good with the appearance of large «zaranok» when to move on the ice can only be on the decks.

When fishing for bream in March in a strange place you need to focus on other Resetnicov. Their catch will tell you exactly where it is now based fish. On the last ice best the result will show the search for a bream rod with a jig and a nod. In rare spring frosts will suit spinning with an open coil (preferably with a keyboard brake). A nod is desirable to have Mylar, placed on the cone. It should not be sharp corners, and it should be easy to bend. The fishing line is passed through the fixing part of the nod and the okay is adjustable to catch the wedge at the crucial moment.

Fishing for bream in March, suitable for medium and small spinners. On a clear Sunny day when clean water baits need to blend a dark color. When lighting is poor, and changed the color of the water, the turbidity of the good light, Nickel, and / or spinners. Their shape does not really matter. Basically lestnici use «ant», «pebble», «lentils», «goat». Bream take the lure teardrop-shaped, with a ball around the hook.

March bream is quite the striker and when playing strongly resists. When fishing for bream in March, the fishing line needs to be thin so she could stretch out and not ruin the game. When buying try the line at the gap, not to take forgery. Pick up the jig and nod with a fishing line can be at home, in the bathroom or any deep vessel.

The best fishing for bream in March – just after dawn. Ice still has a lot of old winter holes during the night they don’t freeze and break easily – it does not create noise and does not frighten the fish. March bream held at a small depth, it is often fed and promise a good catch. Sometimes the peak of the bite is in the afternoon, but it is very short. Closer to the West bream coming to tame the hole before catching another fish. After the departure of the fishermen, the noise on the ice subsides, and the bream become more bold. Night, when the temperature decreases, water leaves the fish at depth. The lure for bream must be carefully selected, specific components it should be a minimal amount.

Head with the spoon sinks to the bottom and made of horizontal fluctuations – they are more likely to attract the bream. You can apply and tap on the bottom, try different options, the main thing that was moving. Often the bream will respond only to a very little jig, so often used variant of fishing for bream in March, the tandem of jigs – the smallest is next to the hook. Chances to increase the volume of catch will increase, if on different spinners to impose different bait.

Bream resists strongly, so you need to draw out carefully, yielding to play on ascents and descents. Enough to torment the fish gently down to the hole and pull out.

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