Fishing for bream in February

For the unprepared angler fishing for bream in February, strange pond can result in a waste of time. At the end of winter bream sedentary and spends more time looking for food at depth. In February, he mostly just eats like other white fish, first people and last.

Among anglers, there are different opinions on the issue of what kind of fish is the bream. Some argue that this is a young bream, others stick to the version that is a completely different kind of fish. But, according to ichthyologists, the fish can reach a weight of 78 pounds, so all bream weighing up to 1 kg are called skimmers.

Eats this fish in the shallow areas in rivers. This is because in such areas the bottom is heavily silted and, therefore, they have much better oxygen background, which is a favorable condition for the development of the feed regime. From the right choice will depend on the success of fishing for bream in February. In advance of the evening preparing and prokormil the wells can be 80% increase in your catch.

The choice of gear.

Fishing for bream in February will be effective without good gear. To catch the best you must bring 3 or 4 rods. Moreover, the structure of the rods have no special significance. It is important to know that bream love smooth the game of the jig, and when you bite it is mainly trying to raise the nod. Therefore, the nods have to choose a softer metal or Mylar plate. They must be configured so that under the weight of mormyshkas nod swerved no more than 30 degrees. If you do a short and firm nod, as is common when fishing for perch, it is possible to miss a cautious bite of the bream.

Bream is not a fish that is famous for its good feel and caution. Mormyshka need to choose the small size. Very good fit for this small teardrop shaped assorted colors. In the process of catching bream in February, you try to determine what color the fish are biting better, and then change it on all rods.


February fishing without bait will be completely ineffective. You can also add that without the bait will have to rely only on the occasional bite. And the fishermen, disputes sometimes arise: how much bait is better for filling.

Since fishing for bream in February, takes place mainly at depth, it is very important to take care of the delivery of bait at the desired depth. Very suitable for this cone feeders, and as the bait is more suited to small bloodworms.

Behavior in the reservoir.

Fishing for bream in February should be carried out simultaneously on several holes. You need to pre-drill several, because the winter bream are very shy, and the noise from drilling may frighten him. Drill out the evening with a dozen holes, lure and cover them with snow. Very often bream can come to the lured place for another hour. It is here and you need a fishing diligence and silence.

Fishing technique.

So not much light fell into the hole, you can use mugs with slits for the blackout. Preferred to fish with two rods with different jigs. One need to play the second catches on the «stanchion» and periodically need to be replaced. Bream feels small movements of the lateral line, and can with a considerable distance to come to your hole.

This fish likes to jig plays smoothly. For this you need to put it on the bottom and slowly lift for approximately 15 cm, slowly shaking. Also it gives good results slow tapping of the jig on the bottom and easy lifting and lowering. In General, fishing for bream in February allows you to experiment with the technique of fishing, and fishing is no special tactics. Today, he pecks on the raising and lowering, and tomorrow — tapping jig on the bottom.

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