Fishing for bream and white bream in January

Bream is considered to be conservative enough fish, therefore, choosing fishing for bream and white bream in January, you must strictly adhere to certain rules. For starters, you need to choose the right spot for future fishing. Bream and skimmers do not like sudden changes in temperature, so with the arrival of the January frost, they go to a depth where the temperature remains more or less constant. The optimum depth for the January fishing bream and white bream is 6-12 meters. The wells in this case are drilled every 2-3 steps, because the difference in depth between them is often up to 2-3 meters. Flocks of large bream and white bream are often found at the bend of the river, or in the many underwater humps (hills, offsets), near snags, and diverse origins.

If the pond where you intend to fish unfamiliar to you, then find the fish in it will not be easy. Often it happens that the bream starts and stops to peck at certain times. Most often it is observed in mid-January, when it’s often howling blizzards. In a hopeless place catching at this time to entice the bream is almost impossible, even with top-notch bait. Sometimes, even if a site had been found feeding bream, will have to feed about 20 holes, and from them it will be possible to choose some of the most promising. If you feed only one site fishing for bream and white bream in January, can remain without a catch. And, nearby wells, located at the same depth, it’s also silly to feed.

The best lure fishing for bream and white bream in January is feed the bloodworms. Most often it is the big fish. When using different feed mixes, the probability of catching small bream, and with abundant use, it is likely to overfeed the fish. It is seen that when the reservoir is large accumulation Resetnicov, the bite is very weak. This is due to the fact that each of them abundantly lure your hole.

Lower the tackle into the hole immediately after feeding is not advised – the fish need to give some time to calmly concentrate under the hole. As soon as one of them will work, you need to give it 30-40 g bloodworms, revealing a trough of 1 meter from the bottom. Experienced fishermen prefer not to fish until the end of all approached fish («whisperers»), because their motions are attracted to the dining table their other colleagues. After easing bite needed to check out the other hole. When the ice is still not thick enough success catching bream and white bream in January depends first of all from the behavior of the Fisher. In any case it is impossible to rattle fishing boxes to throw on the ice picks… Mistakenly believe that if fishing occurs at a depth of about 5-8 meters, it is not necessary to observe precautionary measures.

If the goal of fishing is to catch a big fish to attempt to catch the Jack, or «tandem». If you use the last bait will be faster to get to the bottom of what is considered to be very effective at short-term approaches big bream in the hole. The colour is not critical, but most anglers opt for black shades. The style of play in each individual case it is necessary to choose «in fact». A very important point – selection nod. After all, it will depend on the right game jig. Ledovye nods, in contrast to the centrarchids, needs to be longer. The design of the nod must include the possibility of decreasing and increasing when necessary its length. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to catch on mormyshkas different weight: the very light did not respond, and will be too heavy to bend. Weather when fishing for bream and white bream in January also plays not a minor role. This fish prefers cloudy thaw, preferably with a mist.

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