Fishing for bass during the «gluhozime»

As often happens on the first ice, the perch does not give up any one of the given bait. He is aggressive, active and bite seemingly «empty hook». But with the advent of heavy frosts, everything changes. Comes the so-called period of «gluhozime». At this time many do not go on the ice and waiting for spring thaw. While some fishermen continue to spend time on the ice fishing and catches a predatory whale» they are pretty decent. What is the secret? Charms, spells or just luck? The truth is not so mystical. The thing is that they know some temporary behavior of perch. After all, under the ice, life goes on, and the fish needs food, although with decreasing water temperature not in such quantities. At the beginning of the freeze-up bass fattens — feeling the approach of winter, he actively fattened. Eventually it settles down lazily kept near flocks of gudgeon, a crucian or plotnicki. At this time he eats only as much as the body needs. Therefore, the bait fish is very capricious.

A very important role in this period is the color, size and shape of the lure, line diameter, it is soft or harsh. First the angler needs to abandon jigs of large size and use only a little. But some are still used for attract perch spinners size bigger (they create a more distinct wavy fluctuations in the water), but is caught in small (preferably of the same type, but with different color, so you had to choose from). You can often hear that the sluggish play tackle in the period of gluhozime brings more results. This statement is not entirely true. Sometimes it is an intense game causes the predator to go on the attack. You need to experiment. Also, try to use a thin fishing line. As practice shows, the thinner it is, the more bites.

It is worth to pay special attention to the nozzle. Sometimes that fresh bloodworms brings good luck. Some experienced fishermen also use larvae burdock moth (not everyone knows that she emits a scent that attracts perch, roach, crucian carp, Amur sleeper), or make a kind of «sandwich» to use moth larvae of bloodworms. Large perch can be caught on a small piece of pork fat. If the fish is worth, but does not take or takes but very slowly – can be useful artificial bait in the form of small pieces of foam rubber, non-ferrous kembrikom or short antennae made of red thread.

For successful perch fishing in the dead of winter angler need to know all the features of a river, lake or reservoir, in a word, the pond where you intend to fish. This gives you the opportunity to correctly configure the tackle, find a fishing spot and, of course, is to find valid methods of playing the bait. Most often perch can be found on the shoals, which are located at some distance from the shore, near fallen trees, flooded streams or in places where under water the mines are. If the pond has a weak flow, look for bass near need reeds or other aquatic vegetation. If the water is stagnant, the bass is kept clean from her places (near ponds algae very quickly begin to rot, and the fish trying to go to areas where the water is cleaner).

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