Fishing: fishing on snastochki winter vertical jigging with natural fish

For unknown reasons, this method of fishing is not widely spread among the fishermen of our country. I remember just hunting for walleye using spinners and bait used in water bodies with active current. With the aim of cutting off stuff for pike you need big bait. It can be adapted to snastochki similar to spinning.

Snastochki,equipped with a sinker, which are used in the summer, are not suitable for our purposes. If there is enough to dramatically lower the lure, when fishing for a way to plumb a tee on our leash always clings to the fishing line. Better to stay on gear for of a shad. Part of this snastochki includes: a jig head; a short, fairly large hook; tee on our leash. The basis for the leash can serve as a wire or potoczny thick material with a coating. Then the leash will be tight. For making soft leash you can use a thick «braid», the size (diameter) which is greater than 0.3 mm.

Now let’s talk about the game with such snastochki. Fish when lowering the bait in a month must stand horizontally. The bait a little, you can move, striking the end of the spinning. The smooth and low lifts spinning snastochki very attractive plays. Because the instinct of the pike causes it to catch up with the elusive prey from ambush, this technique can with success apply. For very active vacations lure scoree will enter into a tailspin, so it will look bad. Better the fish to drop smoothly. So I’m going to put the fish on snastochki dropped in a month. Under the influence of earth’s gravity it will quickly sink to the bottom. Now slowly the fish moving on the bottom. Then, after about 20 seconds vigorously pull to tear the lure from the bottom surface to a certain (20-50cm) height. Moving close to the bottom the lure predator fish think, which is absorbed by the food. He rushes in pursuit, and then took the bait. Bait in the form of a fish is returned to the bottom. Observed that predatory fish are biting when playing fish close to the bottom. A greater sense of gravity on the line and not «blow» is a signal for sweeps.

On large expanses of water while fishing can use any live bait. And on small bodies of water pike can be capricious, ignoring or ruffe perch, eat them only during this Jora. Roach weighing not less than 40g and not more than 60g is the best alive. Shine scales, this fish is very attractive to pike. A refined delicacy for carnivorous fish is the production, which she already tried (for example, fish with imitation fish). Injured fish have a special smell, and it really attracts the pike. Smoothly is fresh bait.

The anal fin of the fish is most suitable for gear tee. Then the pike, grabbing, throwing up the «meat» of his fish hangs on it.

There are two ways of equipping snastochki:

— leash is located along the sides of fish;

— leash stretch through the inner cavity.

The first method is the most simple: our jig head nagisetty bait. Better if the mouth of the fish is to anchor as close as possible. The hook that is inserted into the mouth, due out near the base of the skull.

In the second case, we begin to prepare snastochki off the leash. When using rigid material for the leash is entered the loop in the hole (anal) and is excreted through the mouth. Then our jig head nagisetty fish. Further, the leash is attached to the ring on the jig head. Soft leash requires the use of a long needle.

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