Fishing elastic

Fishing gum is one of the most exciting and effective method of catching both peaceful and predatory fish. This fishing method has its advantages and disadvantages. This simple method can learn to catch fish almost everyone. Rubber band called a special kind of bottom gear. To deliver baited hooks to a fishing spot, designed with a shock absorber in the form of a rubber stretches 4 to 5 times thread.

Due to the rather smooth course of gum significantly reduced the amount of off the hook fish.

In order to start fishing with this gear you must first make the elastic band. Of course, you can go the easier way and just buy it in the store. But still, in-store gear is not always used, move the materials.

The band consists of the following components:

1).Stick with the usual reel of fishing line

2). The indicator of bites (or bell)

3). The main fishing line

4). Leashes with hooks

5). Elastic (shock-absorbing thread)

6). Cargo

7). A lobster clasp with swivel for connecting a fishing line with a rubber band.

The length of the leash this gear can reach up to 40 cm Fishing gum more effective if leashes in length are fastened on the rise. The shortest of those closer to the coast, and the longest one near the gum. For the manufacture of this component of equipment is necessary to use a line thickness of 0.3 – 0.5 millimeters.

The length of the bands must be calculated very precisely, what would the hooks were delivered on the right place for You. As a rule, it is stretched four times.

Attach the fishing line to the elastic band in many different ways. You can use a carabiner. The fishing line is attached with one loop carabiner clip and rubber band to another. Another, more simple way is to connect to one node of the elastic and fishing line. It is best to connect using the rifle. So You will always be sure that fishing with a rubber band will not end prematurely the cliff line.

The goods need to use at least one kilogram. Otherwise, it will catch up to the shore.

To catch such gear you need for perfectly smooth and clean bottom or on the bottom slightly covered in silt. Main, the main benefits of gum, before the other gear is that each time you throw the hooks remain on the same place and noise when delivering the bait to the fishing spot virtually none.

To catch with such a not tricky tackle almost any fish. Often tackle this caught carp, crucians, roach. Fishing gum very common method. It is also used when fishing for bream, perch, pike. The size of prey can also be different. However I should say that when fishing for larger individuals need more powerful gear.


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