Fishing burbot

The first cold snap of October, huge number of species of fish cease to bite, but Minh this time of recovery. Burbot belongs to treskova fish, but somehow, he settled in rivers. For fishermen is at hand.

Burbot typically inhabit deep depressions, holes, snags in other places. Burbot are voracious, he is picky to a variety of foods. But such bait, as the fish, worms, minnow, frog not remain without attention.

Summer catch burbot are rare. He lives on the river bottom, being in a daze. With the onset of cold enlivened burbot, especially when the water stays at 12 degrees. Night is the most productive time of day. The usual size of fish about 1.5 pounds and 45 inches. The largest burbot caught, which was registered, is 20 pounds.

Fishing for burbot is in three periods. With the cold autumn starts and ends with the first ice. Winter lasts from the first of the ice at the end of February. And the spring season from March-April until early summer.

Adults are voracious, they do not pay attention to hooks and leashes. So there is no need to bring tackle to perfection. In autumn, burbot almost all the time spent on the search for food. The best nozzle is small fish. Best option small fish – ruff. There is a certain relationship between burbot and ruff. Even well-fed fish could eat a bristle brush. So, you need to add in the delights of the ruffe. In the spring it is better to catch the worms.

Tackle different. Depends on the period of fishing. The network is used in all periods. Spring and autumn fishing rod. Winter zherlits. Use the rod with average rigidity and short. Fishing more than one rod, but several, about 10-15 rods. Cargo uses at least 200 grams so that the bait could not carry the weight in the bottom of the reservoir. The hooks are different. A single needs to be fetched. The double must also be elongated. Tee simple. Without a leash in such gear can not do. The leash is used with a length of 15-25 centimeters.

Often, fishermen don’t go fishing without checking every half hour tackle. They just use different detectors bites. For example: a bell or light alarm. The bell used in the daytime because at night it is hard to quickly find the right gear for the sound. Light is used at night, as they facilitate the work of the fisherman. But purchasing them is connected with the means of the fishermen.

Biting burbot not hastily. He sneaks up to the bait, merging with the bottom. Stealing, he begins to suck the bait from the water. Most often, burbot podscasts himself. The feeling when you bite – a nibble is a small concussion, then take a few seconds, pause, and then will be pull-UPS. Hooking it is necessary at the pull-UPS. Fighting fish is going to end, is a stalking fish. Good luck!

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