Fishing boilies

Among the many ways of carp fishing, one of the most popular and effective is fishing with boilies. Came up with this bait back in the eighties. A small group of experienced fishermen made large balls (with a diameter of about two centimeters), which consisted of soy flour, corn mixture, semolina and raw eggs. Called them anyway. From this time began the evolution of the carp on this bait.


Since then, Boyle has been improved and developed. Moreover, their production is put on stream, a lot of companies have been selling fishing mixes and baits. In order to buy this lure, simply go to any fishing store and choose the suitable for You anyway.

Types of boilies

Boilies come in two types: floating and sinking. This lure depends on the method of their manufacture:

To prepare the floating balls Boyle made do not need to boil. What would these balloons have acquired the ability to swim, they must be thoroughly dried in the microwave. Then they acquire the property almost foam. Floating in the water, they attract fish, thereby greatly enhancing its effectiveness. The truth is, they have a significant drawback. They are very chubby, and after a short time, just scattered in the water. Therefore, fishermen have to make more frequent reproaches.

For the preparation of a sinking boilie bait need to boil. After drying it acquires its hardness. This bait can be very long to lie on the bottom, waiting for her to see carp.

Factors for successful fishing with boilies

For that would be fishing with boilies were more successful, you must consider some factors:

— In order from catching big fish You are not distracted different class, Boyle need to make balls with a diameter of one and a half to two inches. Thus, You restrict yourself from not needed stuff and focus solely on large animals.

— The number of carp caught as well depends on the correct selection of the colors of this lure. Those who are on the carp already eaten not one pood of salt, claim that the most effective baits are boilies yellow, white or red flowers. To obtain the desired color in the manufacture of lure to help the common food dyes, which in the fishing shops a lot. You also need to know what color Boyle need to choose the degree of turbidity of the reservoir. If the water is clean, it is best to use dark baits, if the water is cloudy use baits in bright colors.

for those anglers who still target not only carp, but other fish, I advise you to stick hooks and other bait such as a worm or corn. So Your fishing baits will be more interesting. As we said earlier, large balls, protein balls, cut different things, since she can’t swallow such a big lure. But fragrant baits attract many different fish. Carp, bream, roach and other fish will move to smell this fragrant lure. Therefore, some fishers consider that a sin not to take advantage of this situation. And catch a decent carp or bream good

The fishing baits must be accompanied by constant food places. Some fishers to deliver fish bait using PVA packages. Lately they have become almost indispensable Arsenal in these kabatnikova. They are very durable and at the same time quickly dissolve in water. But to overfeed the carp too. In this case, you need to be careful.

As mentioned earlier, baits can be purchased at almost every bait shop. But still it is much nicer to catch a big carp on the bait prepared with their own hands. Here is the recipe of one of bolevyh baits:

Take two hundred grams of soy and corn flour. Mix well them. In this mixture, add four hundred grams of semolina and two hundred grams of powdered milk. It all mix well. To this mixture add ten eggs and a little dye (a teaspoon will be enough) and a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil. After which the mixture is again thoroughly mix. The resulting mixture make balls with a diameter and a half or so centimeters. Then, depending on Boyle You need (floating or sinking) boil or Boyle just dry it in the microwave.

I wish You to catch on boilies bring You not only great fun but also good results in the form of trophies.

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