Fishing bleak winter

Fishing bleak in the winter is always interesting for fishermen due to the fact that it does not lose its activity during this period. In winter it is not fearful and rises to the surface. It won’t scare the lights and even loud conversations of the fishermen. Also bleak is often kept in the middle layers of the reservoir. Move bleak and large flocks.

It happens that in the winter bleak move in small flocks, and in late winter at the same time going to a lot of fish. Usually this fish is kept in large bays. If you can find habitat pack that biting will not stop even for a second. And if you carefully handle the edges of the holes, the number of retirements significantly reduced.

This fish responds only to a moving bait. For example, you can make the fish «sandwich», planted on the hook for maggots and bloodworms. Also bleak loves bacon with white bread.

To keep a flock of fish in one place, you need to use bait, preferably dry, since the swelling it will go up and stay in the upper layers of the reservoir. After a while the bait will still go to the bottom and will have to throw more.

Some anglers fishing using float rod, while others prefer a jig. Experienced fishermen use a nod, but for the beginner the best fit float, as with the nod to work harder.

For float fishing rod need a sensitive float. It is desirable that he was without an antenna. It is good to see the bite, the leash should not be too long. Optimal length is 5 inches.

If there is a good bite, you can use a combined tackle. For example, instead of sinkers for float rods to use the jig.

Eagerly to rush to the bait fish will be only in spring, in winter things are different. At this time of the year, she tries a little bait, then lift it from running out. You need to catch the moment when she tries the bait and perform the cutting.

At a bad biting is usually used for sandwiches, with a good bite in them anymore. Also, to improve the bite, it is possible to impose on the hook for the bread crumb, leaving the «fluffy» on the end and pressed in the tip.

When fishing bleak winter use multiple hooks. The only catch with two hooks, but you can hang three, but no more.

To search for bleak, you need to drill a few holes. The drill bit diameter should be the minimum possible. Maggots and bloodworm are best kept in match boxes so they fit in your pocket.

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