Fishing at last ice

Fishing at last ice is usually interesting and productive. Many fishermen in Central Russia believe that regardless of the reservoir and the weather this time comes in the second half of March, which is not always true.

Really fishing at last ice, can only begin at the opening of small rivers and streams that feed larger bodies of water. The melting of ice on such rivers and streams leads not only to the rise in the reservoirs and lakes of fresh water saturated with oxygen, but also to the introduction of different foods, washed by currents from coastal soil.

During this period the behavior of the fish changes significantly. She comes out of the deep pits, then break into the pack and starts to feed before the approaching spawning. In spring, shoals of fish move intensely, so often in places with a perfect lack of fish per day can be excellent fishing.

Long-term observations of fishermen fishing on the last ice reservoirs in Central Russia usually begins the twenty-fifth of March to the fifth of April. Of course, this period may vary from year to year. It happened that the fishing on the last ice fishermen performed in the first half of may.

Each year, the fishing on the spring ice can occur in different ways, depending on what was last winter – late or early, warm or cold, low or high rainfall. But the fishermen always hope and look forward to fishing for the last ice to make up for all their shortcomings for a blank period of gluhozime.

During the spring ice fish begins to make natural shifts before spawning to the future site of spawning. Plots of spawning fish usually are old or on aquatic vegetation in shallow water, well warmed in the spring sunshine, or in the tributaries of the main pond, where the oxygen-Laden melt water, and where it is actively warming.

Pre-spawning movement of fish schools contribute to the emergence of fish in those places where it almost was not in the winter, or, conversely, to the departure of the fish from the cherished, with great difficulty found seats with a good bite in gluhozime.

When fishing at last ice, generally benefit the fishermen used active, more mobile ways to catch fish on a jig and a minnow.

During the course of the swarms of bait fish rarely gives a good result. Bait can be useful in areas the spot shoals of fish, but even in this case, the lure is not necessary, because in such places, the fish is so tight that bait loses its meaning. The bait in these areas is not mandatory because schools of fish are often collected not near the bottom, and stand in an oxygen rich layer of melt water located between water and ice.

Fishing on the last ice resembles fishing in privaledge, but during the spring ice fishermen focus mainly on roach and bream, and not on a perch. Bream and roach in spring are usually collected in large even-aged schools.

While fishing on the last ice should not sit long in one place, it is always better to move, trying to find the best places with the greatest likelihood of stopping fish schools – places along the river with a shallow waterings, various bays and inlets or places with ice, which are located near the mouths of tributaries.

When gambling fishing at last ice, do not forget about the danger. The spring sun can be quite warm up the ice and finding the ice with each passing hour becoming more dangerous, especially when fishing at last ice, in places over and near the coastal lines.

Fishing on the last ice on large water bodies is fraught with another danger – the ice fields on such bodies of water begin to move, which could lead to the departure of ice with fishermen in places with open water.

When fishing on the spring ice should also be aware of possible sudden rises of water. On some rivers in the course of one spring day the water may rise a few feet. In such a situation, some fishermen who grew up fishing the spring, you have to swim to get from the bays or creeks.

When fishing on the last ice must very carefully observe the rise of water. When existing the slightest probability of loss of communication with the shore through the rising water, you should prudent to take with you on fishing at last ice a small inflatable boat.

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