Fishing accessories. Tips & description fixtures

The best way to spend your vacation is fishing. Birds chirping, fresh air, silence and tranquility. What else could be better. However, for the process of catching fish more successful and more interesting, will need additional accessories. In this article you can find tips and description of various devices that will help not only to increase the catch, but also to make fishing even more enjoyable.

Before sending fishing should pay attention to the clothes and shoes. It should be spacious, comfortable, and most importantly, match the weather conditions. You should not wear too bright clothes because it frightens the fish. It is best to wear a costume that is similar with the surrounding landscape. Most suitable to be a protective color. During the spring and summer the best time to wear a fairly easy outfit, and in autumn and winter, protects from cold and dampness. In warm weather, as the shoes are good rubber boots. And in the winter they are simply unacceptable.

It is especially important to remember to protect their eyes. There are special goggles. They are especially needed in winter, as reflected from the snow and ice rays can cause burns.

In the first place, if the fishing occurs from the shore and on open water, every angler will need nets.

Net is an elongated wand which is a ring, covered with mesh of solid matter. Shape and size of it may vary. There are also sliding and adjustable handle for complete convenience. If the hook will fall hard fish net will come in handy. Summing it under not yet caught a fish, he will save not only catch, but the gear under the weight of the fish can break.

Also an indispensable accessory for fishing from the shore will stand for the fishing rod. Not to sit around waiting for the fish to bite with rod in hand or leave it in the water, the support will be indispensable. Stand the rod also are different: telescopic, teams and others.

All modern spinning rods are quite expensive, and they need certain care. For the careful storage and handling of expensive spinning rods with the necessary covers or sheaths.

Covers for rods is made of durable and modern fabrics that do not let the sun, water, variety of pollution. These bags are equipped with shoulder straps for socks, which frees the hands of the fisherman.

Rod tube for rods, as well as cases has the role of protection rods and tackle. In addition, his case has a firm shell that helps protect from bumps and any other mechanical damage.

Many fishermen are so fond of their hobby, ready to carry out fishing all my free time. To stop this lover can neither rain nor cold. For complete convenience the fishermen, there is a special tent. This tent tents, and double, with mosquito nets and other additional devices. The tent is better to choose the most comfortable and warm enough.

To catch catch, and then rest in a tent outdoors is a great rest that will restore the nervous system and for long periods of time will keep the perfect mood.

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