Fishing a gold carp

Today I want to talk about fishing a gold carp in the rivers and ponds . Since childhood I liked to fish on the beautiful river Dnieper, Ukraine. The river itself is very rich in different fish such as:pike,tuna,sturgeon,carp,Chub,ruff,bream. Personally, I would like to catch a Golden carp in the bays, float or fly fishing. The carp, there are dozens of types, but we have found only 3:Polish , silver and gold. It is best to fish with the hook 4 or 5. The hook need to a little bend upravou or left side, personally I Saginaw left. Line choose 0.3 or 0.4.but the bait for this are very diverse . Big carp often bite on mastyrka,peas,corn. Medium and small carp often bite on a worm. But it is not every kind of bait will do. Worms have many types, namely:rainy, grey, and the one who lives in manure. The manure worm is bright red and it is on this kind of fish bite the best. A lot of people asked me where exactly we need to throw the bait to catch always were successful and not be ashamed in front of the cat when after fishing he will greet you at the door. Often a carp is in the bushes or near rocks. Active bite carp starts from June to September. Bite 4 through 12 a.m. then begins the intense heat and the fish almost ceases to peck. By the way our grandfathers fished carp not only rods but also hands on melkovod.

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