Fish on grits

Many have heard about the fishing lure of Hominy, how to cook don’t know. The result of cooking turns sticky mass, able to stay on the hook until the fish swallow it. Cook proper grits it is possible, knowing the correct proportions, which will now be discussed.

To prepare this Hominy fishing, you need to prepare the following products:

— three servings of corn flour;

— one portion of white wheat flour;

— two bags of polyethylene;

— aromatic spices;

— a container of water.

Prepare the bait just before fishing to settle. The bait will turn out fragrant and delicious, if the flour previously fried in a frying pan. After roasting the flour mix, white flour cereal holds well to hold the hook.

Vysypat flour mixed in a cooking dish, carefully mix dilute a small portion of water. Add water so that the mass is creamy. Immediately after water is added and the fragrance of vanilla, cinnamon, sugar or honey. Aromatic condiment will make Hominy interesting fish. The resulting mush put in a package, tightly knotted and put the following balls for insurance.

Filled with porridge balls placed in a container and fill with water, covering the balls. Capacity is put on the fire and cooked for about 40 minutes. Some anglers believe that to cook porridge in a linen bag better, but there is another view. Porridge cooked in a plastic bag, retains more flavor and taste, so the fish may like it more.

Depending on the required consistency, the polenta is cooked more or less time. A thick porridge is obtained by long cooking, more soft when quickly cooked. Unzip Hominy is not necessary. Allowing her to cool it and take on a fishing trip and discover on the spot. So less likely that a mess will turn sour.

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