Fish on «boat»

How many times, going on fishing and throw the bait, I watched with sadness as the middle of the river for prey jump out of the water the big fish, and near shore bite one little thing. But to fish conventional tackle, in the middle of the river with a strong current is impossible. First, it is far, and secondly constantly have to be re cast, and the bait will become wet and sink, and the fish will not feel to her hunting interest.

The fact is that the banks mostly always fed the greedy little thing, and small predators, type of perch, which are not afraid of noise and people and prey on this little thing. Big fish are more cautious, it feeds far from the coast, and even if it swims up on the beach, only to bask in the warm water. How many times have probably noticed, what bait they threw in front of the nose of big fish, she is offended. But in the middle of the river, this fish loses its caution and greedily grabs the loot, but the most important thing is to deliver the bait and not to frighten the coveted trophy. Here for these purposes, this is the original tackle «a ship».

The boat is made like a miniature catamaran

Two plates, as the tanks of the catamaran are parallel to each other and are joined together by two bridges. One plate should be slightly less sometimes, instead of the smaller boards used foam, the main thing that at boat-catamaran was a good buoyancy and stability afloat. In the lower plate on the entire length is attached to a very sturdy wire, two wire twisted to each other so as to leave notches, loops, for which it would be possible to hang the carabiner from spinning. The fact that fishing accounts for different rivers and for the case, then right, then left, and the boat is as water snakes, should always go against the tide, and the laws of physics, getting a bigger plate to go far from the shore. So to cling to the boat with a carabiner has, in one side, then the other, depending which way over the river. In addition, it is worth considering the strength of the tide and pick up the rifle away from the edge of the Board or closer.

The boat is ready

Now it is necessary for him particularly strong spinning, and the coil because the pull to the shore it will be necessary not only production, but also the boat. The line where walks the boat and the carbine, too, must be reliable and durable, the thickness of the twine should especially not confuse the fish is to pay attention. From the main line will go down to the water leashes with hooks. The length of leads depends on what the distance is from the main line to the water. It can be from 50 cm to 1 meter. Hooks for leashes should be designed for bigger fish and better counterparts. Leashes are attached to the main fishing line carbines, and not to be subverted with turntables. To leash walks on the main line, and was clearly there where it is necessary to put restrictions on their sliding along the wire. The simplest is duct tape. The question is, how many leads you need? Many leads do not guarantee a large catch, only more problems. Better to catch a few leashes, one closer to himself and longer, and another was farther away and shorter. The fact that the fish are biting well on this bait, grasshoppers or flies, but the bite is not always effective, sometimes the fish breaks down and the bait should be changed, but for this boat it is necessary to draw closer to the shore, to fasten the leash new horse, and then boat again to let go in free swimming.

How it looks in real life

Caught a few grasshoppers, put them on the hooks leashes. The boat was launched and brought it against the current like a kite. Ship sailed farther the scaffold is unwound more and more. If the distance suits the fisherman, on the main line stops clinging leashes with impaled grasshoppers. Distance between leashes at least a meter, so they are not confused between them. The scaffold is unwound further and leashes after the boat go to the middle of the river. The leashes are hanging and dangling in the air, they are led to the place where the splashing of large fish. Upon reaching your destination, they fall down and start playing, barely touching the water. Playing bait is necessary to create the illusion that the insect is a little wet and tries to take off. To do this, then put a grasshopper or a fly on the water surface, barely moving, then again raised above water. Any of these points, fish catches, production and podscasts. It is to pull up to the shore. Fish to shore as the horse’s bridle. On the one hand it pulls fishing with another boat. Nice to have net, because when the fish is almost yours, at the coast, she often begins to flutter and may break. That’s all the fishing boat.

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