Fish finders for ice fishing

The use of sonar while conducting winter fishing has been gaining popularity among the fishermen. This device attracts fishermen in winter no need to drill a thick layer of ice, as there are certain sensors to conduct some of his characteristic works.

But as often, our desires and dreams are very different from reality, so let’s look at the most important functions that can be performed «winter» sounder.

First and foremost, the device can measure the depth and explore the bottom. It is worth saying that all the possibilities sounder very good manifests in movement. If all studies hold passive (not moving) on the ice, accurately determine the levels of depth in the form of pits, ridges, etc. is almost impossible, but to see them on the screen very difficult. Do not forget that depth is measured with this device on the top of the bottom of the reservoir, which means if the beam hits at a certain elevation in the water on the screen is the place recorded as the depth. Therefore, to obtain more accurate data should be measure in several places, and then piece it together. Also the sounder in the winter time can measure the density of the bottom in the water, and even water temperature. At the expense of the utility function, there is a lot of controversy, as the water temperature under the ice during the freezing period does not change and is 3-4 degrees.

Fishing shops often offer their customers a sonar with a circular review. According to sellers, these devices conduct more thorough study of the pond, being on the shore. You can even watch the movement of the fish in the water column, as well as other underwater creatures. They are not cheap, but despite all advantages of these devices, they also have their own disadvantages, so for winter fishing are unlikely to be suitable.

Now let’s consider the main questions that arise when choosing a sonar for ice fishing. Which one to choose? With black-and-white or colored, big or small screen? One or multipath? Clear answers do not exist, but experts advise beginners to take into account the fact that the echosounder is a very complex device and for the beginner it is not necessary to buy the most feature-rich, with a huge number of sensors and functions of the device. It’s all good, but most of them are for anglers, will remain unclaimed, and the wallet is about to get hit hard. Therefore it is better to look for more simple options. Eventually, when you have the effective experience using the device, you can choose something more professional.


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