Fish and smells

Fish have excellent sense of smell and can react to even the minimum amount of odorous substance is in the water. Scientists have identified several basic smells, which strongly react fish putrefactive and camphor, minty and floral, musky, ethereal and even sharp. Although daredevils use their sharp smell in the bait, probably very little.

At the same time, the practice of the fishermen made the hit parade baits, blood and all the substances that can release it, for example, pieces of entrails and meat of fish leeches. In second place – insects and meats. While insects it is recommended to dig near water. This can be manure worms, maggots, grasshoppers, grubs and beetles. That is, those insects that secrete a musky, or putrid smell. In third place the mixture of flour and dried shrimp or Daphnia, bloodworm. Therefore, we can say that scientists are completely wrong in their conclusions.

Today with the development of industry in the manufacturing of synthetic substances far away. Now the fisherman could not dig the land near the river, and just buy a synthetic substance that will attract fish and allow long to hold them in place foods. Thus, it is possible to reduce the consumption of solid foods, and the frequency of its supply in the water. But this approach outperforms the when fishing fish carp species. There are flavors of foods, both in liquid and dry form. But their number should not exceed 7% of the total volume of the lure.

For bait usually use liquid aromatic substances, as they will easily attract fish into the water. For feeding it is customary to use dry flavorings, adding them to the mixture. For lovers of fishing, there is the possibility of establishing a flavoring with their hands.

The main thing to take into account the season, the characteristics of the reservoir, the weather. For example, for carp very often collect worms, then placed in a container with mint, so fish is not only attractive bait, but the smell. Often use brown bread with a variety of types of flavors that you can always find in the kitchen, for example, dill seeds, garlic and sunflower oil. Some brave souls with bait, use a balm «Asterisk», arguing that it goes fine carp.

In conclusion, we can highlight some rules in choosing between synthetic and natural remedies for aromatizate, it is better to give preference to the latter. To choose the flavor for your place of fishing, trying all possible methods and select your. Always consider the nature of the reservoir, the fishing season because all the flavoring in cold or warm water will smell differently.

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