Firearms transportation rules

The gun is different: combat, sports, hunting. To arms by law are daggers, bayonets, knives are knives. Military weapons referred to as means for destruction of equipment and manpower, and hunting and sporting weapons for sports and hunting. The weapon has a special danger and a certain character, that is why transport rules defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The first and one of the main rules of transportation of weapons is that it should be carried in cases or special cases. You must obtain a permit to transport weapons to the Ministry of interior. There are also rules that determine permitted number of weapons that can be carried. For example, if you transport more than 5 weapons along with 400 units of ammunition, then transportation must take place with the presence of 2 armed guards. It is also necessary to coordinate with the interior Ministry.

Firearms transportation rules of the air passenger transport and rail transport. When transporting weapons, the security service and interior Ministry officials carried out an inspection of all passengers and take fly their weapons and ammunition. When you arrived at the airport, you have to start the paperwork for shipping and to present their weapons. You should get an act in three copies, which must be signed by you and an authorized person. One copy is given to you personally, the other attached to the rear sheet, and the third give of the crew. After flying to another airport you must give the weapon after the presentation of the act. During the flight, your weapon will be in a special box in the cargo compartment and will be wrapped in a paper bag.

For firearms transportation by rail you have to give the arms of crew chief only in the case where a passenger travels in reserved seats or General car. When traveling in the car-coupe you may leave the weapon itself, but it must be unloaded and put in case. Ammunition must be separate.

The transport regulations do not apply to air weapons, weapons for underwater hunting, crampons and axes. During the transportation of the gas weapon, you must obtain permission from the competent authorities. With him is prohibited from carrying ammunition and gas sprays.

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