Find out more about hunting grouse in winter holes

When you get a lot of snow, and the frosts come, black sleep right in the snow. It is easy to learn, because after them in the snow remains a double hole. This fact gave the name to hunt for grouse.

Double hole and traces of the flying wings you can determine what the bird left overnight. Digging in the snow, grouse fall on top of him, often with trees, where to get food. If the hole in the snow just one, so the bird is still there. When a grouse flies out of the snow, he leaves a second hole a little further from the crash site.

If grouse is not experiencing feelings of fear of the approaching hunter, he is in no hurry to leave your bed until you leave your litter there. Then he can fly to the feeding.

If the bird is heard by the hunter, she flies like a whirlwind of snow and flapping of wings. An inexperienced hunter may petrify from this spectacle, when a large flock of grouse suddenly flies up out of the snow and raises a storm. This is a very complicated moment, when the hunter had already chosen the nest and goes to him, suddenly, somewhere close, there is a new target. And it seems that it’s big and close. In fact, there is a feeling that the new bird is more old, and instead of having to choose one, the hunter shoots throughout the flock and in the end left with nothing.

There are hunting stories, which tell about how late grouse fly up and hit the ski hunter, forcing the prisoner themselves. Of course, such a narrative is more like a legend, but this really happens. In our day few people know about the ancient method for catching grouse, called «receipt». This method is based on the fact that the hunter very carefully sneaks up to the hole and covers it with a large net. The gun here is not necessary, the bird itself flies in the trap.

In order to determine where grouse spend the night, you need to ensure that, where they feed.

The hunters take the binoculars and after lunch visiting the forest. Seeing black grouse, approaching as close as possible and carefully so as not to frighten the birds. Someone will get lucky and he’ll be able to see how the birds go to sleep, and someone will walk through the woods and see the snow. But you should never relax — if you don’t see black grouse, they can hear you and take off right in front of your nose, sensing the danger. In this exciting type of hunting, hunting grouse, you will help adapt the maximum availability and permanent preservation of peace.

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