Federal law No. 209-F3 «About hunting and preservation of hunting resources»

The Federal law was adopted by the State Duma 17 July 2009 and approved by the Federation Council on July 18, 2009. The document has corrections from 2009 to 2013. Federal law allows the use of hunting resources, if there is a special decree of regional government. The economic activities in the hunting grounds aimed at keeping animals and also product and sales hunting. Permission for hunting may be limited, it allows to preserve the diversity of species and their numbers.

Fire, cold and air guns can be used for shooting hunting objects and primary processing of captured animals. For this it is necessary to have a permit for the storage, transportation and use of weapons. To take with you on the hunt for more hunting construction, hunting birds and dogs trained for hunting is allowed, but must comply with the allotted time for such hunting. Services in the field of agriculture are available for exploration and other forms of economic activity. Methods of hunting and guns should be used humanely, not allowed to cause further suffering for the animals and cruel treatment. The use of hunting resources can be paid.

On the territory of the Russian Federation to objects of hunting are:

•Mammals (wild boar, deer, ROE deer, musk ox, Tur, deer, antelope, bear, mouflon, chamois );

•Fur-bearing animals (Fox, wolf, Fox, Jackal, hare, rabbit, marten, wild cats, sable, Wolverine, lynx, ermine, otter, squirrel, muskrat, beaver, weasel, raccoon dog, kharza );

•Poultry (ducks, geese, woodcock, grouse, partridges, grouse, pheasants, doves, grouse, chicken-water, the shepherd boy, ruddy Turnstone, grouse, snow cock, coot, hrustin, driver, quail ).

The exceptions are protected animals listed in the Red Book of endangered species in specific areas of the Russian Federation.

According to the propagation rules of the hunt are allowed to carry out industrial hunting (aimed at consumption and realization of hunting products), hunting, implementation of research activities and to regulate the popularization of the varieties of wild animals and birds. It also allowed the catch of natural objects to artificial keeping and growing in semi-free conditions or specially created conditions for their breeding.

Industrial hunting is conducted on podlivaya grounds, to grant permission for fishing and shooting waterfowl and wildlife. Hunting resources are established by the authorized bodies of the Russian Federation. For Amateur and sport hunting are reserved for the hunting economy of the territory, made with the permit for conducting such a hunt. The products that are not used for personal consumption, shall be implemented for the organizations carrying out the purchase of products of hunting. Conduct research activities permitted in the territories and lands which are necessary for the study of individual species.

Trapping of animals shall not exceed the allowable amount. Hunting products can be used for replenishment of collections, exhibitions, research, and transfer of trophies in educational and cultural organizations, and for other similar purposes.

Hunting, which is conducted for regulation of number of natural objects can be physical and legal persons, in accordance with the rules of the Federal law.

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