February fishing for walleye

To catch walleye in winter February days is a tough but very exciting experience. Besides, the fishermen want to treat their loved ones the delicacies of fish. Dishes made from pike-perch, with refined taste — it has tender white meat and virtually no small bones. And if you had a good snow day, there’s no better holiday than fishing.

Pikeperch is a predatory fish. Despite the fact that it continues to feed in winter, digestion it slow. Sated, the fish may in a few days to go hunting. So guess the day when pike are hungry and even more so to catch it in February, is considered a big success. Sometimes the fishermen caught adult specimens are quite large.

Specimens of medium size like to gather in flocks, at that time, as the big hunt alone. Zander lives in places with clean running water, gravel or sandy bottom and the presence of shelters, as well as at a sufficient depth. It is mainly large rivers and reservoirs. It hunts for small fish and fry. The exact time of release of perch hunting does not exist. It can be both morning and evening or the middle of the day, it all depends on when he decides to hunt. Examining the pond in search of food, walleye can appear in areas with a depth of 4 meters.

To catch walleye in February on the spoon, caught it perfectly on the imitation fish with live bait and weights. Walleye fish are strong, therefore, tackle for fishing should be strong enough. The rod needs a reel with a brake and a solid line. The size of the jig is selected depending on the pond. On rivers with a strong current heavier lures than in lakes.

For luring walleye you can use small pieces of small fish impaled on a spoon. Playing a spinner, it is necessary to produce lift from the bottom surface, then make a sharp throw to the side and then lower down. The movement of the lure needs to be alternated with real estate as a short distance from the bottom surface. Balance weights are well suited for walleye fishing, as they mimic the behavior of live fish. To play a balancer in the same way as the spoon.

In order to get the walleye out of the hole, you will need special skills. Despite the fact that in winter, the pike are pretty lethargic when it is trying to pull, he can have quite a strong resistance, going under the ice.

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