Features walleye fishing live bait

Sudak is not without reason is considered to be quite widespread in predatory freshwater fish, so catching it is quite possible, using as bait live bait. And live bait readily bite as a relatively small perch, and large his «relatives» whose weight may be even more than 5 pounds.

An important feature for efficient and productive fishing for walleye is a well-chosen place, from which a lover of this industry intends to implement catch this predatory fish, but also the timing of such events.» For example, if hot time is, walleye can hide in any deep holes, and under debris of different vegetation. In this case, it is best to carry out fishing walleye in the morning or evening hours. However, as you approach autumn, perch aktiviziruyutsya begins to vigorously hunt small fish. In this regard, the most productive fishing occurs at night, when he was in packs pursues fry.

For successful walleye fishing on live bait is necessary to apply the rod, based on the estimated size of the fish, which perhaps will be still raised a fisherman. If fisherman goes fishing for walleye, the weight of which will not exceed 1 to 1.5 pounds, it is advisable not to use thick rods, and a relatively thin fishing line, whose diameter is usually 0.3 mm, while the leash length should be about 40-50 inches. The weight of the sinker is chosen for the movement of bait fish over the water.

When casting tackle, fisherman important to make sure that is strung on the hook, the bait did not fell off. Zander is so active fish, maybe even take a bite immediately after getting bait in the water, so the angler must always be on the alert and instantly provide them with opportunities for cutting. Pike once made a biting on live bait, can swallow him completely. In this regard, cutting the angler it is advisable to do just at the moment when the predator took the bait.

As the live bait fishing can use a small fish to them. For example, perfectly suitable for this purpose are strung on the hook for roach. If the tackle for catching perch on live bait is prepared correctly, with all the necessary requirements and recommendations, the result will not keep itself waiting long. Therefore, successful production of this fish is quite real, just need to adhere to certain rules in this method of walleye fishing, or listen to the recommendations and advice of experienced fishermen!

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