Features walleye fishing in the spring

Comes spring, the water in the rivers begins to warm up, the fish behaves more actively. This period is considered the time when it is possible to catch walleye. Last winter, the major representatives of this fish are quite hungry, so they are looking for small fish, for them it is a welcome food. Preparing for fishing on Zander, fisherman can be enough baits, but not all of them. First of all it is necessary to consider conditions of a reservoir. For example, if we are talking about large bodies of water, it is best to catch walleye using bleak, which will play the role of bait or lures, grabs a length of 6-8 cm the Latter should have a silver color and be like a little roach. Wobblers, made in the form of perch or carp, are highly efficient when fishing on small wagers.

Given the fact that the spring perch is a lack of food and ready to look for food at the beach, then wiring bait should be placed under a minimum angle to the land. The best solution when wiring parallel to the shore.

It is well known that perch is usually found close to trees that fell into the water, pits and rubble. But there are other places where it can be found: creeks, overgrown with sedge or reeds. In addition, the perch does not dwell in muddy water. So his fishing has a chance of success in areas that have a dense, sandy or rocky seabed and at a depth of 0.5 m or more.

Great walleye bite shows when spawning remains week, and after ten days after it. For spawning it is important that the water temperature was in the range of +7 to+11 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when observing the growth of water temperature, you can begin to pay visits to the pond, so as not to be late.

Spawning usually leads to the formation of perch in large schools. In such large numbers they are hunting for small fish. At the same time, it should be mentioned, that gathered in flocks but specimens do not differ in size from each other. In this regard, if you managed to catch a few small perch, you should choose another location for fishing. Just it is unlikely that there lives a fish of large size.

Re-spawning occurs when the ends of the first and ate the fish rest for 8-10 days. During this period she showed an impressive appetite. If fishing is planned at this time, it is advisable to take a spinning. It is the only opportunity to catch this predator. When fishing for pike need to be aware of the mistakes that many do.

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