Features summer fishing

In summer, the Sunny days increase and the fish in warm water after spawning, disperses throughout the pond.

At the same time, algae grow, food becomes a lot and the fish starts to feed in certain places, not go out.

In summer, an important role is played by the bait and Privalka.

The bait must be attractive to fish components and need to feed a little so as not to overfeed the fish.

In the bait to add one or two drops of aromatic bitters (anise, Valerian, vanilla, etc.) to attract fish is far away from the place of fishing.

At the beginning of the summer when the water warms up to 20*begins With the spawning of carps, carp, tench, Rudd.

Inconnu that spawn in may, good takes «Khrushchev» «Khrushchev», plant tips: bread, steamed wheat, peas, barley, oats, semolina.

With the change in temperature of water changes and quantitative composition oxygen, which in turn affects the location of fish.

At night the upper water layer cools faster than at depth and oxygen at the surface increases, so the night and in the morning the fish rises to the surface, and when the sun rises again, sinks to the depths.

An experienced fisherman knows that in the hottest hours of the biting activity is reduced, and the best bite starts after rain.

On the fast rivers in June continues fishing for trout and grayling

Grayling caught on a lure from the surface of the reservoir, and the trout from the bottom on a sinking tip.

River wells can «take» catfish, eel, nutsedge.

In quiet places where a lot of underwater snags and sandy shallows in July begins a good walleye bite. He had already finished spawning and floats to the ground favorite food.

In late July, nibble a little weakened, animal feed fish takes longer and you need to go to the vegetable nozzle.

The fish is still in the shadow of the reservoir, in a dense kelp forest, where out cold keys, rapids and shoals.

A ground rod, spinning at this time the fish bite reluctantly and biting she starts after rain or in cloudy weather. This weather helps fishing for perch, walleye, occasional small pike caught.

Zander thrive in the early, when he goes hunting for fry.

Bream, catfish and eel are well taken at night.

In mid-August, the water slowly cools, the days get shorter, but still good bite carp, carp, Chub, IDE and bream.

Begin active hunting predators: the perch, pike, Zander and ASP. Catfish will soon go into hibernation.

It felt the breath of autumn.


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