Features summer fishing IDE

IDE refers to the breed of carp fish. Has a silvery-gold scales, and the head and Gill protection – gold color. Back he has such blue, like black, the belly is iridescent to gold, while the sides are lightish. Eyes it has green, with a Golden hue, and bright red fins.

Yaz – the fish, she is very quickly going to increase. Catch it all year round, but most active fishing is carried out from April to September, the best option course in the afternoon. For successful catching IDE, you need to know some of the features of such fishing. Methods of fishing IDE a lot. Fly fishing on the long fishing line with float, a ground rod, wiring, a fishing rod and spinning. IDE, basically, is extracted using a fishing rod that determines the seriousness of the preparation for this event. To outwit the IDE must also be able. Rod, fishing line, floats need to take sturdy, and lightweight. Line thickness zero twenty – five, zero thirty millimeters, the leash zero and twenty. Hooks with numbers five and six. The sinker will serve as the pellets (lead plates). In seven to nine inches from the hook you need to have small BB’s. The float should fit the weight of the nozzle. You need to mount it at the bottom, especially when fishing in the wiring. A catch, in this case, it is necessary to average over, at a depth of three meters, the nozzle should move ten inches above the bottom. Very interesting to catch IDE in fly fishing. Timing – the sun, and the head is not yet, or before dawn. Use the following tips for catching such fish are flies, grasshoppers, ant eggs, maggots, manure worms, bloodworms, steamed wheat. And the dough, bread balls, peas, beetles and its larvae, and so on. Look for the IDE you need the depth of the river in the warm water, with a slight movement. It can also be in ponds and lakes with flowing water, with sandy or stony bottom. To catch it, there is a possibility in the most unexpected place, only need feeding and proper fit. Large specimens are found in deep pits with clay bottom and the presence of its sludge. The change is in stagnant water, usually near shore or in the grass, especially in places where there are snags. Muscles like to earn one in the pond, next to which is a herd of cattle. Bite the IDE specifically. Powerfully, knowledgeably and without hesitation. Cutting should be sharp. It is very important at this moment as a whole together with the rod to deviate the whole body back a little and then gradually straighten up. Thus, IDE definitely be podsekin. And now you feel something different, driven by you, very slowly, that sends frequent attacks, with pauses. Your rod was the reason, the arc arm is tired, but be careful. Vyvazhivat slowly, on time hold the line, exhausting his.

Joyful for fishing is waiting for the fish to bite. If you missed the trip, don’t worry. IDE – it’s close, and certainly more suitable. Throw him a bait, the better a pea masterki. And wait. It is such a joy – waiting for the fish to bite. I wish you success.

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