Features summer fishing carp

Finally the summer came. This time of year, many species of fish may please the fisherman as its nice and cool in the first place, it’s carp. In the summer he is very active in terms of finding material for his livelihood. If someone says that fishing for carp compared with other fish, the most simple, then it is impossible to accept. Fishing for this type of fish also has its own characteristics, nuances and subtleties. To get a good catch, certainly it is necessary to consider all the factors that lead to successful fishing.

Terms summer fishing for carp

Carp fish is not so simple in terms of care, legibility and demands. The mood is determined by many factors, such as time of day, weather conditions and others.

In the afternoon, when the temperature exceeds thirty, to catch carp is useless, he goes to the bottom, in more cool places. But at night, after the heat of the day, biting it very effectively. If the period of heat, replaced by the sharp cold (it happens sometimes), then fishing will not bring the expected results, in such conditions, carp do some time can not eat. Very good activity was observed in cloudy with a little rain the weather, but in the absence of wind. From the early morning hours before ten, he too will bite pretty good. In the afternoon, in connection with the release of his the depth, the activity drops and comes back again hours from seven in the evening until nearly midnight. Morning fogs are harbingers of good fish.

Fishing methods

They are quite wide and are very diverse. What path to choose, each determined on an individual basis what suits them best and impressed.

1.Fishing for carp on the float rod.

The most widely used tackle. If at some point biting no, you can freely go and try the other, ie, fishing for carp on this tackle is mobility. Thin fishing line is chosen, and the choice of hook depends on the bait, which applies to barley, dough, worms and others. The hook is usually chosen with the number five or seven.

2.Fishing for carp on the gum.

Does the cargo weighing a quarter kilo, it is attached to the gum, and to her using the rifle, attached the fishing line with multiple hooks. With a good bite, you can catch multiple instances.

3.Fishing for carp in the spring.

Does the rod and reel. To the main fishing line is attached to the spring, and to her fishing line with a hook, which may be a few pieces. Important here is the choice of feeding in the spring. As it can be used bait, foam, peas, corn. Method is quite effective.

Carp fish is very suspicious and picky. If he doesn’t like something, he spits out the bait and floats. The nature of the bite, is very different and has at least five options. It can dramatically to rise to the bait like a perch, and maybe pick her up a few minutes. If in any body of water he decided to just bite on a worm, then so be it and catch it on something more useless.

The important issue is feeding. That catch was decent, the place where going fishing, you need a good feed. If, say, in late spring, the carp preferred to animal food, in the summer, prefers a menu of plant food (peas, cereals), but, when the heat begins to subside, again prefers animal food. Therefore, the bait must be both plant and animal components. The same applies to bait.

In conclusion, I must say that fishing for carp in the summer, not only exciting, but also very profitable. To get a good catch, it is necessary to adhere to all these principles, and most importantly, do not need to limit ourselves to any one body of water. It so happens that yesterday in this place was a great bite and the start of carp to catch. We need to experiment, changing not only the equipment and bait, and ponds.

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