Features stainless steel 440C, AUS-8 and AEB-L

Today we decided to talk about steels, which belong to brands AEB-L, AUS-8 and 440C. Many of you probably think, and why we will focus on three steel grades? It is actually very simple, all of the steel is almost identical with 95X18, which you probably ever had to face. Also during the inspection of three types of steel, you will be able to notice major differences, and to trace the properties, composition and structure of the course. If you pay attention to the composition of each steel, then we can confidently say that AEB-L to 440C successively increasing the contents of chromium and carbon, respectively, at the same time increasing carbide phase. Namely starting from this, and evolve with the manufacturing properties and structure of steel. Probably the highlights of the structure of high-chromium steels are familiar to you, so we decided to go to the overview of each grade of steel individually.

The first brand of steel, which we decided to consider, it is AEB-L, many readers will immediately think that we are talking about 65KH13, but it is not so and your opinion will be practically wrong. Given the type of steel was developed in 1928 and it was called at that time just AEB. Direction in the application of this steel was on the manufacture of razor blades. Accordingly, this steel should contain corrosion-resistant coating, also high hardness and natural to hold as long as possible sharp surface. All of the requirements, actually specialists after a while managed to achieve.

We now turn to the review of the second grade of steel called AUS-8. This type of steel is next with AUS-6. Similar steel grade is widely used for production in various fields in Japan. During steel production, it was identified a slight increase in chromium and carbon in structural steel parts, and, therefore, from this began to appear eutectic carbides, however, still failed to achieve many of them. In this regard, also at a high level and remain almost all the mechanical properties can also be found that the steel grade AUS-8 is perfectly grinded and polished. With proper technical treatment of steel, she can be highly aggressive at the incisions with soft subjects.

It is possible to identify the time that the steel grade AUS-8 is able to occupy only an intermediate position in relation to our brand 65KH13 and 95X18, and most of all close to 75h16mf. Usually, you may find that they have become sufficiently pure sulphur, nonmetallic inclusions and phosphorus. Those that we today agreed to consider, in General, can be attributed to the middle position from other qualifications began.

Now let’s look at the third, final steel 440C. Here for over forty years, this steel belongs to the classical type in the manufacture of knives and other items. Of course, modern steels currently there is a large number, but some producers still prefer to work with brand name steel 440C, as she really has a good characteristics. Many of you probably wonder what actually attracts manufacturers? First, perhaps the most important point is the excellent combination of stability, strength and acceptable, of course, corrosion of the structure. Second, the steel is most affordable, and most importantly, what to pay attention manufacturers of various items of steel, so it is, of course, on the price, but here it is successful.

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