Features spring fishing on small rivers.

A small river has its own specifics and the method of catching fish and gear. The first is of course the fishing rod. Too much will prevent you from making frequent transitions, and it is necessary on small bodies of water. Optimal size is 6 feet (183 cm). In principle, it can be shorter, but longer will no longer be comfortable. The best rod a slight (10-15 g), but hard. Otherwise, even a small pike will stop your fishing just all broke off, diving under some kind of snag. A light rod is necessary and a corresponding coil, oddly enough, is not easy, but with a reliable mechanism of size about 3000. Especially if you are going to catch on the spool. Another small caveat is the tight-tightening clutch.

As for bait, universal on small rivers there. That might work well, but it does not give effective bite. In principle, on the small rivers has shown himself Wobbler. It is desirable to have a set of several baits and of course, to be able to use them. If you decided to choose the Wobbler, then the best option will be «m» 5-8 cm it is Not necessary to overpay for more expensive models of Japanese or German origin. As the practice is in good hands and works well with any model. And if does not peck, and expensive bait will not help.

March fishing is mostly jig. This method of fishing is great for small rivers even with cold water. Rubber you will use or the foam it is not so important. The main thing that ogruzka was not too heavy and slowly went down. You can apply a classic jig for a band without a load. However, this method has its own nuances, often also need to experiment with the bait.

Twister on the small ponds is better not to use. Spinnerbait generally in cold spring water little fit. Much better manifest itself, normal worm. However, the regions have different fishing and feel free to experiment. In small streams the main point of fishing. Pit, bend or stump. Often a school of fish inhabit some place, to the delight of the fisherman for a long time there is not. In fact this trip and comes down to the fact that to find such places and to sh them to the maximum. However, do not discount some of the other places the waters which can hardly be called spots, but the fish there can be driven. So if you are going in the spring on small river prepare to sit, you don’t have to, if you clearly are set up for a good catch, not for relaxation in the fresh air, that’s fine too in our hustle and bustle time.

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