Features of winter fishing

Lovers of fishing in the winter, have acquired secrets. These anglers know how to choose a good place, the right to drill wells and find the right bait for the fish, so that it came to him. Knowing these details, winter fishing goes successfully and without a good catch, no one remains.

To choose the right place to catch fish is the most important in winter fishing. But it’s not easy to do due to the fact that all ice look the same and all the places on them. In such a situation, the necessary practical knowledge and intuition of a fisherman. Choosing a place on the new reservoir it is necessary to remember that in the winter fish anymore, where a lot of algae, or in places where streams or small rivers flow into the reservoir. Also important is the role of your chosen depth locations for catching fish. Usually in the winter big fish hiding in the depth of two meters. Therefore, if you want to catch a big fish, it is important for you to have depth. In addition, the ammunition of fisherman there have to be other adaptations necessary for winter fishing: a drill, a box for winter fishing, tackle and all sorts of other devices.

If you have already found a place for fishing, it should be well clear of snow. Otherwise, the snow begins to conceal, and formed liquid slurry, will stop to move between wells. Once you have cleaned the place you can begin drilling the holes. The distance between them should be about five meters. But that fish is not scared at the approach to the surface need made the hole darken. You can do a dark film, or pour a little bit of snow. If you decide to darken the hole film, it is necessary to make a small hole to pass through her gear. Even if you follow all these above conditions, it does not guarantee that you will have great bite. Every time he went ice fishing, largely plays the element of luck. Therefore, if you have complied with all the conditions, but the fish never bite, do not worry, next time you’ll get lucky.

Among anglers there are many disputes have in the winter to lure the fish. Some believe that it is not necessary, while others are inclined to believe that is to feed the fish, let it not so much.

Of course, each angler over time, accumulate their experience and rules of fishing. But the fishermen always take into account the main features of winter fishing, which remain unchanged.


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