Features of winter fishing this year

Hello dear readers, I want to share with you the successes and failures of winter fishing, many fishermen were unhappy with their catch.

Today I will tell you about the General situation of fishing on the rivers Desna and the Dnieper, as well as their backwaters.

On the Gum this year fishing on the first ice was very effective. Was a very good bite, the fish caught mostly medium size. But there were rather large specimens, I have seen bream caught more than 3 pounds, the roach more than a kilogram. Well caught predatory fish, especially bass, bad take a perch, across a rather large specimens. The imitation fish took the pike are not large, but active. But on 5 January came the so-called «gluhozime», the bite stopped altogether. Most fishermen have changed gear with pochatkov on the jig and continued to fish in the backwaters. But in the backwaters biting, too, was short-lived till about the middle of the month. Modern stop biting even bleak, which is active seemingly at any time of the year. There were rumors that the atom will «choke» and the fish went upstream. But this assumption is quickly dispelled when passed with the sounder and looked where did the fish, all became clear, it was a wall two meters from the bottom. Everyone was expecting the bite in late February-early March, but with the advent of gullies biting has not recovered. Could it be the reason for such behavior of the fish abnormal weather? Who on this question accurately answer is not can.

This year, if you haven’t heard of such fish species as: Nosara, gudgeon and black Dnipro ruff was listed in the red book of Ukraine.

Now a fish is supposed to go, if you have in the cage fishery has detected a fish, a penalty in the amount of 168 USD per tail. Of course, you should know if you’re a fisherman that a fish unharmed to remove the hook is almost impossible! It is considered as a fish predator and immediately swallows the bait, which leads to damage of the internal organs of fish. Already the end of March on the Gums began to arrive the water, the first of the gullies on the ice to go out is almost impossible, biting either. Although fish have been preparing to spawn, and eat everything. Maybe the culprit is large amounts of snow on the ice and extreme cold, but that’s just speculation.

On the river this winter, the fish were more active, we can say, has been caught all winter, though it had constantly to look. Because the place she stood, migrated up and down. We can say this: if today was the biting, not the fact that tomorrow you will find, the fish was very moving. Large and small pools the fish were not active. As once was a very large number of perch and small walleye. Among the perch much has happened instances more than a kilogram. The fishermen who fished this year on the river, happy with the result, of course, much depends on the skill and luck of the fisherman. As they say, lucky beginners and professionals! There is still the most urgent problem of poaching in the wintering pits. Poachers before easy money nothing stops, no big fines, no remorse. In the spring spawning period to help our fishery came border. They jointly conduct operations to arrest poachers, this year, have jointly arrested three persons, who to the wintering pit illegal fishing caught catfish for several days. During a search of the detainees of the house was found improvised glacier, which contained more than half a ton kgs. To the question, why do you need so many fish, they simply replied. For further sale on the market, all three of them at the moment was unemployed. Most likely, the detainees will get off with just fines.

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