Features of winter fishing on the don

Preparing for winter fly fishing

Fishermen will need a large list of tools, such as jigs with nods, fishing rods, fishing line, plastiki and ice-axes. Also we should not forget about proper gear that has the quality to protect the hunter from the harsh cold and inclement cold weather.

Essential gear for winter fishing

The line should choose a quality, without knots and fading, transparent. The optimal fishing line is monofilament 0.15 mm in diameter and in length more than thirty meters.

The very pole that it seemed to (bottom or float) must not be large in size. With such gear can be good to feel the stress of the line. Handle tackle neteploprovodnym predominantly of light materials such as balsa wood or foam.

The whip will act as a cushion during vyuzivani and undercuts and send vibrations jig. Most suitable frost-resistant polycarbonate, the whip – they will not lose flexibility and elasticity at a strong steady cold.

Elasticity – the quality that is important for the other tackle – «nod» (or «Lodge»). On the elasticity of the nod will depend on the success of the game bait.

For winter fishing, anglers will also need ice screws. The market offers a huge selection of all kinds of axes, for example, effective electronic.

Place on the don for winter fishing

The best fishing for winter small Don backwaters and backwaters, that flow into the sources. About the presence of coastal source will testify melted snow of a different shade.

In the tributaries of don river fly fishing will also be quite successful. A fairly rapid current of the river provides excellent aeration, active flow affects the activity of fish.

In sredizemie on the don river ice strong to fish it safely. Have fun and people go ice fishing.

Behaviors of the Don fish

In the winter of of fish prefer to feed near the shores. That is where the weak and the abundance of food. Fish don’t especially careful because of these characteristics the area, as the breadth of the river and intensive course. So almost everyone will be able to come back with the Don open spaces with a beautiful catch. It is worth to look for places accumulations of aquatic life in areas with moderate currents.

In the winter the fish, of course, is not particularly active, the bite can be quite sluggish. When fishing on mormyshka it is necessary to avoid sharp movements, it is better to use a soft elastic vibrations. It is worth to remember and about the features of ice fishing. Fishermen should look to the broad expanse of the river town with a leisurely course. Such places can be very effective for biting. Numerous creeks, small Saloniki with the presence of fontanelles, the places with the best fishermen aeration.

The don fish «perucac»

Fish birochok is one of the don delicacies. It is very tasty, but harmful. Barucco like rapidly the current flow, a net bottom, rocky shoals. Do not look for berocca in the lower reaches.

Birochok hiding from the cold at depth, is in the pits and a muddy town. In berocca is no swimming bladder, because this fish moves mostly along the bottom.

The don fish «roach»

Roach – another view of the Don aquatic inhabitants that have very refined taste. Best takes the roach in mid-February. Looking for roach in stagnant waters. This fish is quite fast. Equipment should choose a super-easy, fishing line must be very thin (for example, 0.08 mm), will fit a small black jig made from tungsten hook. With this fly fishing tackle will be effective. Also in the hunt for roach, do not forget about the bait. Roach lure in advance – in the evening or early in the morning. Recipes working baits every fisherman there are many, the main thing that the bait was good quality.

Bait and lures for winter fishing on the don

Each fisherman has its own secrets of luring prey. However, the Don fishermen use worms, bloodworms or fish-eye as bait. There is a small subtlety. To bait up better not even on the hook, and a jig or spoon. To do so you need because winter water color is much darker than in the summer season, and in the dark, almost black water, very difficult to distinguish the hook.

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