Features of the winter walleye fishing

What fisherman wants to catch a walleye!? Walleye – the fish. He has white meat, not greasy, little bones. Very tasty fish, which is preparing a considerable number of excellent dishes.

Pike – a freshwater fish and it can be found in many waters of Europe and Asia.

Being a predatory fish, it feeds respectively: fry, small fish, water plankton. Prefers to live in clean water of rivers and lakes, with a firm gravel or sandy bottom. Not like the muddy bottom, overgrown coastal vegetation. The most appropriate time of day for fishing walleye is difficult to determine. Although he is considered a nocturnal predator, but can dramatically go to day way of life.

This is because in winter, the energy consumed is small and fairly sated, perch maybe a few days to digest food, not responding to any bait. But when food will be digested and will arise again zhor pike immediately again rush to the familiar pastures in search of food.

Search walleye in the winter

Experienced fishermen know that the best walleye bite in the beginning and at the end of winter, the first and last ice. His appetite at this wonderful time and chances for successful fishing more than deep winter. Is particularly conducive to successful fishing calm steady windless weather. In the bitter cold, drifting North wind from the house should not go. Catch a day like this will not be exact. To hunt walleye in the winter, it is necessary to know the location of pits, hollows, pools, coregister places. It is their favorite shelter. Walleye are active all winter and with the exception of gluhozime is constantly in search of food, living in the places of their permanent residence. Fisherman to catch perch, you will have to run with a screw and neverlet a pretty decent number of holes. You need to stumble upon the pack and follow her, as she is not standing still and is constantly moving. Even if Zander found a good feeding place for a long time to be in this place, he will not. Still-pack will go on my route. The first time is unlikely to determine the direction of movement of the fish. But podiu a few days at the same places you can make a small conclusion about the direction in which a flock of perch. Despite the constant activity and movement of fish, their migration is happening from year to year on the same route. There are moments when the flock dies in a hole. Perch half asleep and does not respond to any bait. To catch it is unlikely to succeed. In the best case, 1-2 randomly hatch individuals.

Types of lures and their use in the winter fishing for pike

To catch walleye using the simplest of tackle. Fishing rod and reel, fishing line, a spinner. What type and length will the rod of has. But the role played by the thickness of the line: the thinner and more transparent, the more bites you can expect. The thickness of the line is better to choose to 0.3 mm. Nod should be as sensitive. Uses a variety of baits: jig, jig, jig, saw, crankbaits, jerk.

Preparation for winter fishing lure

Most often the choice of stops on spinners. Color is better silver, average length 4 to 7 mm, in waters with big perch 7 – 9 mm. elongated Shape, resembling a tadpole. The bite from the walleye careful, no sudden twitching and tremors. It is necessary to watch closely as possible for nod. Feeling the push to dramatically reel in the fish, breaking jaws and start luring. Usually perch pliant follows the fishing line. Fishing technique you can use classic. The spoon sinks to the bottom and then lifting it a little, starts trolling. But in the case of passive fish, you can try pounding on the bottom. The spoon will raise the bottom of the sludge, thereby attracting walleye.

Preparation for winter fishing on mormyshka

Choosing as bait jig, should fix his attention on the more serious products of this type. Usually tied to her with red strings. Can we impose bloodworms or small fish as bait. The spoon should easily reach the bottom. If its weight is negligible, then added additional weights type of lead. Fishing technique with a thud on the bottom, or gentle rocking. It is important to draw the attention of the perch, so when fishing you want the bait moving.

Preparation for winter fishing on the balancer

Fishing on the balancer also has the priority among the lures though, because the most reliably copy the behavior of fish. The size is usually 5 to 12 mm. When fishing on the balancer frequent sharp movements not to do. It will only scare the walleye. Lowering the rocker to the bottom, to raise it to 20 – 30 cm and occasionally to do a small stroke of the rod. Also you can sometimes beat on the bottom, raising a cloud of turbidity.

Effective when fishing for pike as bait silicone: twisters and vibrohvost.

Types of baits and ways of catching walleye in the winter there is a different set. Every fisherman chooses for himself the most appropriate, guided by their ideas and personal experiences.

If from the bottom of the ship to get does not work, you can try to catch in the higher layers of water. This fish may hunt at different depths.

To catch walleye is quite interesting, fascinating and exciting pastime. But given the peculiarities of winter fishing fanged predator, you can get your luck back on its side and nudity many species of this fish.

Fishing for walleye in winter (video)

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