Features of the process of manufacturing of tanned skin at home

Currently, there are a lot of recipes of manufacturing of tanned leather, which have the most diverse purposes. The greatest number of such recipes published in the mass media, is used for skin treatment of the parties in the conditions of specialized production. However, their use in the treatment of one or two leathers is almost impossible. Term of production of sour skin ranges from one to two weeks, and the production of hides and takes much more time. Treatment of rough skin at home is not recommended. For example, processing of a single adult skin of the moose is extremely favorable, not justifying the monetary and time costs. Thinner can be processed independently. Dressing consists of five stages. The first: carrying out all necessary preparatory operations; the second: the removal of hair; third: to soften skin; fourth, the composition of tanning; fifth: the actual trim.

You need to clean the skin from the meat, blood and subcutaneous films, soak in water, wash. Next is getting rid of the hair covering. The most famous leavened and ash reduction. Ash provides for the processing of lime or ash. Lime should be mixed in water, with a ratio of 1 part lime to 20 parts water.

Observe safety precautions, outstanding lime may cause skin burns. The solution must drain to get rid of indissoluble lime slices. To prepare the ash solution, mix 1 part ash with 20 parts water.

Liming is a week, the skins must be mixed 5 times a day. Next is to remove the wool with a wooden spatula, pre-expanding the skins on a flat surface. The resulting material must be obezbolit in bread kvass, pre-cooked for a couple of days.

When will the fermentation, can be immersed in the skin. Two hours is the extraction of material from the solution. The process is a removal of residues of lime or ash blunt wooden spatula. 10 hours is necessary to carry out this procedure 3 times. Complete decalcification should dip the skins in water. Rinse the skin quite a few times and the material will be ready for the next stage of the development process.

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