Features of fishing in water-filled float

Today I want to tell you about a rare but a really versatile rig, which is called the water-filled float. It looks like a plastic sphere with a diameter of about 3.5 cm, it is believed that of film surface tension so the float resembles a regular fish air bubble and therefore is not as scary as normal gear. Perhaps to illustrate with a bubble, color of such products is often completely transparent or light blue. The sides of the spheres are two eyelets, and in the float the two holes, closed by rubber corks.

Interesting to use a water filled bobber for distance casting and for fishing in the wiring. Therefore, immediately orientirueshsya on the spinning reels, although it is possible that fishing with fixed fishing lines on the end of the rod.

Equip your bait water-filled float simply. In one ear touches the main line. You can just snap, but I love on the main line to raise the rifle (previously need to see if you arc the carbine to see in the eye of the float), and by the carabiner to fasten the scope. It is very convenient if in the process of fishing you want to sh in near-bottom layers. You can quickly switch to a jig-head or Tyrolean wand. To the second eyelet is attached to the leash. I prefer the method of «loop the loop». Objects of fishing: ukleja, perch, Rudd, roach, sabrefish, Chub, etc. therefore need the leash is thin and delicate. Line 0,14-0,18. Length from 40 cm to 1.5 m Closer to the hook ogruzka in the form of pellets 2-3 grams. If you want, you can ogruzka more evenly distribute leash, using a few pellets. I like to put tiny hooks, called zapotes. You can choose to your taste, but try to tackle turned out harmonious.

And now the most interesting. Planted on the hook with a worm or other bait, you can throw him in search of a trophy. But it is better to pre-fill our float. Open both rubber cork and drop the plastic sphere is completely under water. The characteristic gurgling sound that we hear when filled, water-filled float is called by the people Bulba or Bulka. Do not forget, at the end of the filling, and tightly close the cork. Otherwise, when casting the main line and the leash could be crossed.

In many ways, the behavior of the tuber depends on the accumulated amount of water. Its weight changes. Accordingly, increasing the casting distance. Same with the landing gear, you will hear a loud sound that can spook cautious fish. Bleak he only attracts. I want to note that the more the float is filled, the more he is immersed in water. So less windage, and in windy weather it will be much less to endure than the empty potatoes. On the river current itself brings the tackle with bait, your only task is to gradually let go of the line. On the lake instead of the current will help light breeze. So you can periodically podmetila the line to do the transaction. Sometimes this method is very effective. For example, if the object of hunting the small fish. It is often so technically eats maggots that from the outside it is not noticeable. Periodically podderjivaya tackle, you will be able to fix this crafty at the moment a fraud.

At the apparent rudeness of the tubers, in particular, highly filled with water, bite the float passes very well. At the slightest touch, fish leash water start to go in circles. With experience you learn to distinguish even the smallest fish interested in your bait.

And finally, another interesting reveal the secret of this universal gear. The leash can not be agragati, and instead of the hook to tie a fly that is used in fly fishing. Or very small lure. And great trout tackle you have prepared. Go for the trophies.

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