Features fishing Lin

Lin is considered the «very hard» fish to catch. He often pecks, but mostly the catch he goes as a side to fish. Especially his catch is often very difficult. The best time for this will be the first half of the summer.

Fishing for tench like the carp, due to similar habits and preferences. The best places will be different bays, small streams and oxbow lakes with high levels of vegetation. But due to the time of year the plants do not complicate the process of fish playing. Mostly too lazy to be at a depth not more than 2 metres, so it is better to observe the maximum silence and not to forget about the cloak.

The best guide to location of fish is the presence of air bubbles on the surface, especially if they occur in the vicinity of reeds or cane. Such places are considered the most promising. More appropriate for them fishing from a boat.

For catching tench the best weather will be warm cloudy day with a slight breeze, rising to the water surface ripples. Unwanted changes in atmospheric pressure. While Sunny weather is better for fishing or morning, or evening.

Lure is desirable, for example, for a morning of fishing lure place better in the evening. This is best suited to large fractional mixture of a dark color. It is better to moisturize to avoid «spraying». Thus, the bait will be uninteresting to detail.

And you can bait tench, subject to the possibility of travel to selected locations for fishing every day. For this purpose, suitable balls rolled in cereal, grains and cereals. The chance of a successful catch is increased after 4-5 days of this bait.

The place chosen for fishing it is better to arrive after dark. Bait is mandatory, if the course has not previously privativas laziness.

Tackle can be used quite rude. Lin is quite a strong fish, so using a powerful gear will greatly facilitate its extraction from the reservoir. So the rod should be strong enough with a length of 5-6 meters.

Despite this, the float is still needed sensitive enough with capacity up to one and a half grams. Weights are placed evenly across the line.

The hook should choose large enough, because fishing line is best to use a bulk bait. Lazy omnivores, so there will be suitable beam bloodworms, canned corn, barley.

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