Features fishing for Dace

This fish can boast of impressive size. The largest individual reaches within the three hundred and fifty grams. But different taste, and most importantly, catch her is a pleasure.

A characteristic feature of Eltsova fishing is an exciting passion. Once on the hook, elec resists to the last. That would find him the necessary experience and skill. During the bite a characteristic sharpness and aggression. For sweeps you need to make at least a sharp jerk. Otherwise, a prospective East. Once on the hook, the fish tries to get out, to turn aside or even to jump out of the water.

The favorite habitat of the Dace there are rivers and lakes with clean water and over. Its spawning begins in late April, when the reservoir is completely freed from the ice. He kept in small flocks. Main diet are insects: worms, beetles, grasshoppers, flies and some aquatic plants. Unlike other fish species, Dace lead a sedentary life and living on one favorite spot. To leave it can in case of blockage of a reservoir or turbidity caused by rain. However, when his former place of residence will once again become habitable, Dace will not keep itself waiting long and will be back there.

The first half of the day Dace prefers to be in shallow areas with current. With the onset of evening, it is looking more deep. Catch him on the bottom and float tackle, and fly fishing which is very exciting. No wonder the fishermen the fly fishermen practice their skills on catching it Yelets. Ordinary float tackle, should be very easy, and the float is small in size so as not to frighten and so responsive fish.

Good catch will ensure proper complementary feeding place. At the beginning of the fishing will be enough to throw 4-5 bullets crushed bread or bran. If the fish start to believe, the further the bait can be produced in a smaller size, every half hour.

Elets has an interesting feature, not being a predator, he responds to trolling and even small crankbaits, which allows you to fish it on spinning. Spinning fishing for Dace begins from the second half of the summer and increases until the autumn. The best place to catch a spinning there are places with fairly strong currents and near the coast, inhabited by shrubs. With the onset of cold weather, the fish goes into depth, where it hibernates until spring.

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