Features fishing for carp

Fishing for small carp is quite simple and not difficult, to catch shallow fish that any fisherman with the help of standard gear and fishing rods on an ordinary worm. Catch more exciting experience.

The most common habitats are shallow carp ponds, rivers with a small current. In such reservoirs easily can catch a lot of small and medium-sized crucians. A less popular habitat are ponds with numerous fish species that make up the competition between large specimens of carp. Catch a rare instance in such water areas are much harder, but more interesting.

What will be the selected type of the reservoir, and the purpose of fishing will depend on the choice of fishing gear and bait, as their selection is very diverse. Most often, fishing for carp is carried out with a float rod or a spring, a feeder or a pacifier.

Fishing with floats for fishing carp are divided into flight feathers and mast. Centrifugal float rod is a rod attached to the tip of the fishing line and the average size of a float. The maximum distance of throw will not exceed 15 metres. At a further distance you can throw fragrant and viscous bait with masted fishing rods. The angler needs to be especially careful when fishing freshwater «king» and the time to strike, otherwise the bait will be eaten and fish not caught. While fishing in the Gulf is to use a light float with a weight of no more than 2 grams. But if fishing from the shore, the best choice would be a sliding float with a weight of no more than 8 grams.

Less popular, but viable option of fishing will be fishing with a pacifier. It has the form of a fish trough filled with a viscous bait. Bait in the nipple is placed on special leashes, the length of which not more than 15-20 cm After gear start to go down, the leashes are hidden inside the nipples, because of what the fish along with the food captures the hook. In conclusion, it is necessary in order not to miss hooking the fish.

There is another interesting view of the fishing rod, called a feeder, it’s almost the same rod, only with a trough in the form of a metal cage, which put a fine bait with a pleasant aroma. The process of catching takes place with the help of symmetrically arranged hooks.

Such methods of fishing, like nipples, owned and spring. The first type of springs is maksatic. Here in the trough presents cake with ten inch leashes and hooks. The second type is a bagel, which looks like a donut. Here, the circle is a few hooks, and put inside the bait. And the third kind is the processor. Here, the spring has a conical shape, it clings not more than 6 hooks, and the inner emptiness is filled with fragrant bait.

The biting season starts with the arrival of spring, carp, sun fish, so look for them is in places that as quickly as possible warmed up. Best time of day to kurasini fishing will be the morning dawn and the evening. In the evening you can catch rare specimens of carp weighing about 2 kg

Karasinym best baits are considered insects and worms, such as earthworms and fish bloodworms, maggot. Good biting is in different cereals or bread with aromatic additives. In order Karasin fishing was effectively selected by the fisherman is not required to lure in advance. There are many different recipes for fish lure, which is based on sunflower seeds, meal worms, dried herbs and flowers, essential oils, potatoes and more.

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