Features fishing bream in January

With the onset of winter domestic water bodies gradually covered with ice every winter month is getting thicker and preparatives layers of falling snow. Until February, the ice cover becomes thick and strong, blocking the access of light and oxygen to the inhabitants of the pond. Fish accumulates over the pits and is showing less activity, waiting for spring progress.

The modern angler, when using a GPS and sonar is quite capable of study he is interested in the area of the reservoir for the presence of there are accumulations of fish. Very useful with the help of these devices will determine the horizon where winters bream, on the basis of this information and draws conclusions regarding the feasibility and methods of fishing in this area.

Every winter months requires a different approach to attract the attention of bream to bait and provoke the fish to bite. In January, the ice is already thick enough, but the water still retained a fairly high oxygen content, and with it the relative activity of underwater creatures. Most successful winter fishing for bream is considered to be December, but the January fishing is not devoid of meaning and, of course, is for the angler interested.

Finding using sonar, mass a lot of bream fishermen try fishing directly over it, but often, despite reports of the device teeming with fish the area, this tactic does not lead to a significant catch. «How so, because here it is, the fish»,– with disappointment, think of the fisherman, after spending a few hours in the cold. Most often this situation stems from the fact that the fish huddled together in a pack and trying to wait out the unfavorable period, spent at least their life force, and do not exhibit proper food activity. This behavior bream in January is often marked in the second half of the month, when its activity begins to fall significantly in anticipation of the impending gluhozime. But to catch him still using the right bait in the right place.

Tactics is the following. We find a lot of fish, considering, above all, her fearfulness. Drilling ice fishing makes a lot of noise, which is spread under water over long distances, than you can imagine. Bream may leave a little to the side, in this case, you must slowly rotate the sounder ,make sure of presence of fish to determine the distance to it.

Usually bream remains nearby, and the problem is reduced to the correct location of the hole for bait. An effective method is drilling holes at the level of the proposed fish of the Parking lot, parallel to the channel edge.

The lure is best to start in the morning, as the January the fish is active mostly from 11 to 16 hours and it is very important to manage to lure up to this time all points. For two fishermen the optimal number of 10-15 holes, at a distance of 20-35 meters. When fishing for bream is very important to behave very calmly waving hands will attract competitors, and the noise from the drill will drive all your efforts on the bait. The observance of basic silence during this period fishing is probably more important than fancy gear and elegant methods to experiments in which January is inclined.

A good and, most importantly, enjoy fishing at any time of the year.

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