Features fishing bream in February

Surely every angler had to catch bream. This fish is quite common in Russian waters, and a great rarity. On average, the specimens reach about two kilograms in weight and 40 — 45 inches in length. However, there are also large individuals weighing more than four kilograms. But it is a rarity, of such size bream are found along major rivers such as the Volga.

The bream fishing in February is a truly unique art, because to catch this fish at this time Oh how difficult. I need to start to determine the place, which now houses the fish. For this we have to work hard, to run on the ice and neverlet more than a dozen holes. Fishing for bream in February, is to experiment more with the gear and methods of fishing. Do not sit with one rod in one place and it is naive to expect the biting of this fish. Bream at different times of the day moves through the water differently. For example, in the morning he swims to the bottom, and closer to the dinner he wants to rise above to the surface. Therefore, in order to catch bream, it needs to look. There are several features to consider when fishing. One such feature is that the bream prefers to stay in deeper holes, drop offs, places where the bottom topography has the most pronounced irregularities. Another feature is the fact, if you had to fish at this pond in the summer and to catch bream, you should remember such places where it is most often pecked. Now, when ice is present, these places are worth to examine in the first place.

To catch bream on float tackle and mormexico. Tackle for catching bream, as well as any other winter gear should be fine and delicate, but at the same time sufficiently strong and durable to withstand not only the weight of the fish, but all her attempts to get off the hook. Float tackle for bream is as follows: at the end of the fishing line attached sinker made of lead, preferably flat and soft in the form of a metal sheet, since such a load will be less roll on the bottom than the ball shape. Next, at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other tally three leash from the same fishing line as the main line, a length of 20 centimeters. Leads, respectively, hooks. On top of the sliding float, which is fixed, as soon as the sinker reaches the bottom. As bait fishing for bream you can use the dough, bread, canned corn, various larvae and maggots. Approved themselves corn. Her bream are biting more often and better than other baits, and specimens caught are much larger.

Catching bream on lures, the main thing to adjust the correct play of this gear. Need to lower it to the bottom and slowly lift, tapping the rod to a height of about one meter from the bottom. If biting was not necessary to lower the gear on the bottom to lift the murk, and repeat all from the beginning. If there are bream, the bite usually occurs just at the moment when the sinker raises a cloud of silt hitting the bottom. If after three or four attempts of biting fish has not occurred, should go to another hole, and return to this later, because bream in search of food actively moving, and maybe he is fed from the adjacent holes at a time as you try to catch him.

Great attention to when fishing for bream should be given the bait. It is better suited sunflower seeds, ground with grain crumbles, with garlic, dill, canned corn. Good food is dog food, ground into powder and diluted in sunflower oil. In General, the more different odors, the more likely the bream will be interested in your bait.

Here, perhaps, and all basic ingredients for success in bream fishing in February. Good luck to the fishermen in this difficult and complicated and delicate matter!

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