Features catching silver carp

This species has three varieties that can be found in various reservoirs. Most often fishermen catch white carp. In addition to this subspecies, there is still variegated and hybrid. Feeding habits of each species of carp provide for his environment. Some species forage in the water column, some at the bottom.

An important point that affects the success of fishing is choosing the right fishing spot. Also need to understand the characteristics of the reservoir: its depth and the organisms that are found throughout the reservoir and in the place of catching.

For successful catching carp you must use a special bait. Different brands produce virtually identical bait, if we are talking about this type of fish. But sometimes with the help of bait purchased for the carp you can catch and carp.

The bait you can prepare independently. But the manufacturers that produce the goods often provide good fishing. Bait, which is sold in specialty stores, has a fine structure and dark green or blue. It can be used as a standalone bait, and as additives for the preparation of bait. Powder (or fine granules) has a light anise scent, which attracts the carp. The bait can be mixed up in the mess, adding semolina and a few drops of anise oil. Mix until smooth, pouring water out of the water, robbing fish. To prepare this bait, it is desirable to place the fishing, the result is the concentration of the smell and carp bite better. The bait can be used, throwing it in the water or make the fastening of hooks. Water, as a rule, thrown the bait in its purest form. The powder sinks in water leaving behind on the surface of the muddy spot, which will dissolve within a certain period of time. Throwing once a food and waiting for the beginning of the bite, the procedure of baiting should be repeated periodically. This will ensure quality fishing, frequent and large-scale poklav catch.

If the bait is mounted on the rod, in such cases it is a mess. There is mixed semolina, which provides a thick consistency and allows you to feed longer on the hook.

Another proven method of bait – run to the water the boats with the bait drowning.

You can simultaneously use both types of bait that will provide a high level of quantity of catch.

So we should not forget about the proven reliable method of carp bait – corn. It fastens on hooks that throw in a convenient chosen by the fisherman’s place. Corn can be used as purchased specially colored and regular, canned. Value has not particularly.

In the same waters can be caught with different types of silver carp.

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